Sweet Honey and Primroses

I’m drinking extremely strong coffee and eating a square of bitter chocolate with chilli as an antidote to the super sweet baking disaster that’s sitting on the work surface looking at me reproachfully. Honey and Rose cakes seemed like a good idea this afternoon but I was really only imagining what they would look like and forgetting that I do not have a sweet tooth; give me Marmite and salty butter any day! I imagined drippy white icing and crystallized rose petals,Jasmine Tea in the pink enamel pot, chipped vintage china and a jug of Primroses. Oh well, I got the Primroses.

It was a foggy day on the moors today and cold enough to justify lighting the kitchen stove and getting down to some serious Etsy listing, e-mail writing and  “fantasy business proposal” planning. Yesterday’s meeting with Vicky Trainor was a real pleasure and I’m going to take some of her advice about re-packaging things to unify the “brand”, emphasizing the “treasured” aspect and making the most of my extreme good fortune to be living in this very special place. I fully intended to sit with paper and pencils and draw today but you know how it is; I traveled from place to place on a virtual sightseeing tour, calling in on old friends and getting so full of ideas I could pop. A new discovery was the lovely Moon to Moon where I loitered on an imaginary beanbag, gathering inspiration for that fantasy business plan…

Anyway, you’ll be the first to know if it becomes reality. Now that double dose of caffeine and the re-discovered Joseph Arthur album I’m listening to has given me a bit of energy to tackle the drifts of icing sugar I managed to get all over the kitchen and goodness I may even do that drawing after all.Thank you so much for reading . x

Listening To : Joseph Arthur “Termite Song”



2 responses to “Sweet Honey and Primroses

  1. i love the little “now your happier” bear picture 🙂

  2. … i am sitting with the sun in my face …. oh happy day! it has been raining and drizzly and damp for a week and in anticipation of another week of the same. so i am enjoying this little peek of sunshine… great post .. funny! i just got a dark chocolate bar with chili & lime .. saving it for tonight with my wine with an old movie! …… well there goes the sun .. it was nice the two seconds it lasted ~:o)

    i would L♥Ve a sewing/art day with you .. i am sure i would learn quite a few things!!!!

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