The Wild West (of North Yorkshire)

Last Monday seems like weeks ago, so much has happened; or rather it feels as though it has. My head is buzzing with new plans and old hopes and fears…of which more later.

One thing I am going to have to solve is the camera problem… today I’m trying to take “professional” product shots to send to a new online marketplace I’ve joined, but using a camera phone just isn’t acceptable! The biggest frustration is trying to photograph landscapes though.Yesterday we went to Arizona….No! obviously not, it’s the Yorkshire Dales but it does feel like a BIG landscape. We had gone to Twistleton Scars for climbing ; this involving me sunbathing in a fetching red helmet and listening to curlews while Rupert got his bearings , thus giving me a lot of time to compose fabulous shots, only to find them looking less than impressive once I’d pressed the shutter. I needed a good zoom lens and some sort of large brimmed hat so that I could see the display properly. Oh dear, a bad workman always blames his tools, and before you go thinking I was some sort of super woman I’d better own up that I refused to leave solid ground and was a thoroughly rubbish climbing partner- we did have a lovely sausage bun and pint of tea in Ingleton though!

So, last week I had my meeting with Vicky Trainor, followed by visits from my fabulous creative friends, Lindsey, Bridget and Helen all of whom (along with your kind and encouraging comments recently) have got me fired up to keep going and try a few new directions. One thing I have done is join the online gallery From The Wilde in the hope that Helen Wilde’s amazing talent for promotion and links with the press will give my work a bit of a boost. I’m going to create work that is exclusive to From The Wilde and is a little more “up market” ( including the boxed and numbered cyanotype brooches below, and my bear cushions)

Possibly the biggest plan though remains firmly on the drawing board until all necessary permissions have been asked for and hopefully obtained, this is the dream of creating a small workspace/gallery/coffee shop in one of the buildings here at Witchmountain. Permission is only the beginning ,because then the real work of finding the £5,000 ( minimum) to make the building usable , will have to start in earnest. I’m not sure if I mentioned this a while ago but I was recently told that “small” grants were no longer available but bigger businesses were welcome to apply for up to £65,000; madness since a relatively small cash input could potentially raise my family above subsistence level and presumably therefore benefit the economy rather than be a drain on it? I don’t know; maths was never my strong point!

So, perhaps one day I will be able to offer you workshops on Witchmountain, with homemade cakes, lashings of coffee and maybe even a luxury yurt to stay in… what do you think?

Until then I will put the kettle back on and try to make a few more of these…

I was so excited to find that I could hand draw stencils for my cyanotype printing instead of just using leaves and flowers, feathers and old college koda traces.Before I go I’d just like to thank you again for reading, don’t forget you can follow me on Twitter and Facebook too. x

Listening to :– “When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit” by Judith Kerr


6 responses to “The Wild West (of North Yorkshire)

  1. Love the idea of Craft workshops etc.. teas and of course your Yurt!. You can also have visiting craft folk to add further depth to your talents.A litttle commune.. great x

    • Thanks Bobby, I think I’ll have to get you along to show me how to weave baskets! ( Fingers crossed the Estate and the National Park feel the same…)

  2. It’s a great idea. Just think, if it works out, you could employ somebody to be your waitress. 🙂

  3. that photo of the scars is just beautiful and breathtaking Kim! 🙂 I do hope you get permission for your outbuildings, it sounds great! x 🙂

  4. You deserve every success Kim and I just know you’ll get it. That nice Mr. Chancellor might have something up his sleeve tomorrow in the Budget for small and start-up enterprises. Just keep doing what you’re doing and believing that you’re incredibly talented and all will come good!

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