Are We There Yet?

Well goodness, I don’t know where to start with this week’s ramblings; its all been a bit of an epic struggle with moments of gallows humour thrown in! I had planned to pick Sara up from Leicester to take her down to Bristol for her art college interview at the university; a long drive but a good excuse to visit my brother and have a few days exploring the West Country with my lovely daughter. All went to plan on the first leg of the journey as I happily drove along, giggling to  a CD of “Just William” stories ; arriving in time for a quick browse around the museum (mostly this seemed to be about the sock industry)  before meeting small daughter and embarking on stage two…Leicester to Chippenham.

Oh, the joy of Satnav! After an hour or so we arrived back at our starting point and had to start again. Cheering with relief when we eventually got on the right road we promptly broke down in the middle of the biggest roundabout I’ve ever had the misfortune to go around. In fact this was junction 21 of the M1 and it was rush hour. I won’t bore you with the details but rescue involved being towed, terrifyingly, miles in the wrong direction (due to a “helpful” motorist pushing the car off the roundabout and on to the motorway slip road), abandoning the car at a garage in Leicester and rushing to the station where I spent the price of a small package holiday to Greece,on train tickets. Three trains and several million hours later we arrived in Bath where my lovely brother was waiting for us in a car that moves.

In the end we had a good time, Sara’s interview went well ; possibly due to some anti discrimination rule because the receptionist mistook me and Lisa ( my brother’s girlfriend) for Sara’s lesbian parents! And I have returned to Witchmountain feeling very proud and happy to have spent some quality time in the company of my family.This, and the unbelievably beautiful weather, is temporarily cushioning me from the horrendous financial implications of the trip.I have already warned Rupert that I can no longer afford razor blades,hair dye or moisturizer so he must prepare himself for the troll I shall soon become!

Poor in monetary terms but a millionaire in others. Look at the sun on those furry Pasque flowers and the light on those old glass bottles…( see, furry old things can be beautiful!!)   I also returned home to find this beautiful piece of original artwork had arrived by surprise, all the way from Australia. Jo had asked me for some hints on the techniques I use and this was her thank you card. Thank you Jo.

So, in all the chaos and excitement I almost forgot to mention that I am now a fully paid up member of From the Wilde and you can now buy these digitally printed purses as well as the cushions  there. I’m hoping to have a day at CCAD’s print club soon to print some new designs for baby shoes exclusively for From the Wilde.                                                                                                                        Well, its time I went and had a big bath after a day of seed planting and pumpkin potting. I hope the sun shone on you this weekend and that the week ahead is full of good things.Should you be traveling I wish you all the very best of luck x

Listening To:- Jesca Hoop ( sitting in for Guy Garvey on 6music) Reading :- I was reading Lisa’s copy of this at the weekend “Moving Toward Balance: 8 Weeks of Yoga with Rodney Yee” its on my wishlist

4 responses to “Are We There Yet?

  1. I’m loving the chunky green glass bottles. Nice shot!

  2. Going for a lie down now you’ve exhausted me with all your exploits. Have a more peaceful week and enjoy the sunshine.
    One I Made Earlier Today
    Ps pop over to my blog and see our fun packed day on Saturday

  3. Thank you Vanessa, they’re lovely aren’t they. Lynn, your weekend looks so much calmer and more creative than mine. x

  4. I see it looks better in your light!

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