“Looking into the heart of light.”

Yesterday I listened to The Waste Land on the radio and though I’d studied it at school and hated it, not understanding or not wanting to, I was moved to tears.

 “April is the cruellest month, breeding Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing Memory and desire, stirring Dull roots with spring rain. Winter kept us warm, covering Earth in forgetful snow, feeding A little life with dried tubers. “

Feeling over sensitive and brooding on the passing years, I can’t claim to understand it now but certain phrases give me a little jolt; as music often does. Anyway, tomorrow is April and the month in which I turn 45, this is a surprise to me as I have never stopped being 20 in my own mind(what a cliche but so true), I don’t know who that strange woman is I keep seeing in shop windows? March has been blissful and boiling and I’ve been lucky enough to spend my days drawing and sewing ( with both thread and seed packets) in the garden, with the air full of daffodil scent and willow pollen.

It was so good to actually do some designing and I realised again how much I prefer this side of my work to the “making” side. I love making things but I still haven’t quite worked out how to do this in a way that is economically viable. You can see here the whole process from initial drawing to printable design (adjusted and coloured in Photoshop) to a finished pair of baby slippers with hand embroidery and beads.

The elves refused to help me so altogether it took me 2 days to make one pair… Still, it beats working in an office and you never know, someone from Next or Monsoon may just see the design and offer to buy it and all my troubles will be over!Meanwhile I have spent this morning e-mailing the National Park with outline plans and ideas for my shed.Everyone in the world seems to be running workshops  and selling coffee and cakes so I don’t see why I shouldn’t try too.

So, yesterday was the last of the hot sunny days and I was given a real treat by Rupert… a forest adventure in the beautiful Faceby Plantation. To be honest I was feeling a bit under the weather and moaned quite alot, especially when asked to crawl through the “Bear Pit” and cross the “Swamp of Death” ( a stinking pit of mud) on a wobbly rope; but making tea in a forest clearing with the Kelly Kettle and searching for Easter chicks and chocolates hidden in the trees, really cheered me up. The silver birch forest was so beautiful and I can’t wait to go back when the bluebells are out. This is the kind of thing Rupert does every week with kids at Carlton Outdoor Education Center and I must say I think its such an important and valuable opportunity for children to learn and have fun at the same time. I learned that squirrels have dining tables but I can’t confirm this with any certainty.

Just time for a couple of links before I dash out to see if my seeds have grown yet. Firstly this post by my brother about his photography and the importance of respecting the photographer or artist when sharing images ( particularly important in the current Pinterest craze) . The second is a beautiful piece by my friend Bridget about the North East coast, fossil hunting and ramshackle fishermens huts. Some really lovely images. A very happy April Fools Day to you tomorrow!

4 responses to ““Looking into the heart of light.”

  1. Well ..I am sitting at my window looking out at that same beautiful cobalt bottle .. wishing I had the turquoise ones to go with!! I am looking at rain however .. but that is what makes the beautiful NW so beautiful.

    I hear you… loudly .. but I am going to be 46 come April. It is a good month. When I look in the mirror I see my mother.. and of late have profusely apologizing for PreSuming she was old when I was my daughters age .. who thinks I am old .. it is all perspective!

    Faceby Plantation sounds like something out of “Princess Bride”! Hopefully you didn’t see any RUOSes!

    Absolutely love your foxy little slippers!! I too unwind when drawing/paint .. I love to make things but find painting relaxes me and lets my mind go.

    Have a great day.. loved your post!! .. and we are envying your chocolate container.. ♥

    • Witchmountain

      They are lovely bottles aren’t they Lisa. Hey, did you get that freak snow storm ?I saw photos on Katy’s blog… but now I’m showing my ignorance because you are miles from Eugene Oregon aren’t you!?Anyway, Happy Birthday to you ,fellow April child xxx

  2. A lovely post, Kim. Don’t worry about hitting 45 – wait until you hit er…several older ones, like me. Fear not, you will still feel 20. It is what is within your heart, not what time etches upon your features, that counts (it’s the reverse of those sad people who are always excusing themselves about not doing things, or making excuses for themselves by saying such things as “….well I am 56 (or74/35/18, or whatever), you know…..” So stay as you are! We need people like you!

    PS: Thanks for the link to Bridget and her magical Port Mulgrave blog entry. It’s lovely up there! I also recommend Cattersty Sands, reached via grotty Skinningrove village…..grotty but with it’s own memorable character, I have to say, including the lovely pigeon lofts that featured in the ‘Little Voice’ film.

    • Witchmountain

      Thanks Lizzie, I’m glad you enjoyed Bridget’s blog, it inspired me to go to Runswick on Sunday and walk along to Port Mulgrave.We were so lucky with an unexpectedly warm sunny day.

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