The Reckoning of Time

“What a difference a day makes…24 little hours…” Last week I was in the garden, avoiding wasps and baring my poor old wintery legs to the world. Yesterday was a sideways blizzard which caused the stove to belch wood smoke into the kitchen and eventually cut off the electricity, phone and radio signal for about 14 hours. So this morning I made tea and porridge on the wood stove, worried about the poor plants, (newly emerged and 3 days ago basking in 20℃ heat) and wrapped a sleeping bag around the fish tank to try and keep the long suffering tropical fish from freezing to death. All this, combined with last week’s Pointless Petrol Panic, has given me the feeling that we are living on the edge.An open fire means we can at least keep warm and boil a kettle but the ideal would be solar panels, back boilers and a wind turbine. Even the radio failed until I switched it back to FM from DAB…

Goodness, I’ve really decided to embrace middle age, listen to me ranting on! But seriously, I’m really looking at the way I live and trying to make it more sustainable.The good thing about horrible weather is that it keeps you inside and I spent much of yesterday making  “kodatrace” colour separations, ready for doing some screen printing at CCAD after Easter. I can’t wait to have a day printing. The fox design will be two colours and then I’ll add embroidery before making them up in to cushions and possibly t-shirts.

Oh how I wish I had a slice of that cake left…I sometimes think I should have become a baker instead of going to art college. When “The Great Witchmountain Shed Project” gets off the ground I will be able to combine the two and we will draw and sew and print and eat cake all day long.

Now, before I go and draw some more foxes I thought I’d remind you about the strangeness of the Yorkshire weather by showing you these pictures I took on Sunday. Bridget’s blog about Port Mulgrave was so lovely that we went over to Runswick Bay and walked along the beach and the cliff top path to look down on the  little collection of fishermen’s huts.It was a glorious day and the rock pools were sparkling with pearly shells,and polished stones. I could have sat all day with a hamper of tea and sandwiches and a sketchbook ( I had neither unfortunately). Instead we skipped and slipped about on the seaweed covered rocks, searched for fossils and battled with brambles in a shortcut up the cliff.

I plan to have a lot of picnics this year and resolve to always carry a small sketchbook and pencil ,as I’m forever complaining that I wish I’d brought one. So, I leave you dreaming of warmer days and hoping that the cold snap has got the wasps but spared my plants! Don’t forget to have a look at From the Wilde and let me know what you think. Have a wonderful Easter.


3 responses to “The Reckoning of Time

  1. Ohhh yes, put me down for a Foxy t-shirt if adult sizes are on the cards Kim. Happy Easter!

  2. kim i always chuckle when i read your posts because i can relate! i always talk about my dream would be to own a little shop with my art but of course it would have a bakery in it too..even if it was just to cook up treats just for me:)

  3. I love your work. The colours and designs are beautiful.
    Love the little dresses further down the page! xx

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