“In spring, when woods are getting green, I’ll try and tell you what I mean”

Normal service has resumed to Witchmountain after more power cuts at the end of last week. Sara and I spent an interesting(*) evening eating tinned soup and realising we didn’t know how to play dominos.There was a shortage of candles and light seemed like such a luxury … until morning when it revealed the mess; dominos soaked in Amaretto ( a mystery) , half drunk cups of tea lost in the dark, a mountain of washing up and candle stubs in jars all over the place. Today has been a celebration of electricity with a big baking session;cakes and scones and bread ( this yellow chick was one that I found during the Faceby Forest Foray, I made him wash his feet) . The kitchen smells of warm chocolate and hot coffee.

I mentioned on my Facebook page that I have been writing this blog now for nearly four years! I hope this is a cause for celebration because it seems like an awful long time to me and means its now EIGHT years since I started my degree at CCAD. The blog has changed over the years and ,I hope, improved. Perhaps the type of people who read has changed as well, since it started out as a student thing, part of our course work, rambled on through my early freelance days after graduation and now I’m hoping to maybe make it pay by offering advertising and sponsored links. Mostly I just love writing though and sharing the highs and lows of Witchmountain with you. So… a big  THANK YOU for reading and commenting and being generally so wonderful and supportive. I’m offering a big parcel of things in this “4th Birthday Giveaway”, including the Blurb notebook I made last year, an original canvass,owl brooch, bear hair-slide and whatever else I can fit in the package.

I’ve noticed that other people run giveaways by asking people to help them reach a certain number of followers on Facebook etc, a kind of mercenary, self promotion I’ve always shied away from. However, I’ve decided that being a shrinking violet isn’t getting me anywhere, so this time I will draw the winner when I reach 500 Facebook followers and 100 Twitterers. A modest request I hope and it is my birthday too, so it would be a nice present don’t you think? Don’t worry if you don’t use either ( I admire you for it) just leave a comment here and you’ll still be in with a chance.

Well, I hope you’ve all been enjoying Easter or Ēostre, here is an Easter bunny for you. Easter means everything starts to open again after Winter and I’m happy to be back at the lovely Helmsley Walled Garden Cafe ,where there were home made Hot Cross Buns on Friday. I’m looking forward to watching the garden burst into life and colour over the next few months and  thinking I might have to combine a walk around the garden with this wonderful idea by The Curiosity Project

Now its time for a slice of that cake I think.Have you been treating yourselves?

34 responses to ““In spring, when woods are getting green, I’ll try and tell you what I mean”

  1. Hi there,
    I’m very sorry to say that I’m neither a Facebooker or a Tweeter, but I love your blog and follow it with pleasure! I’d love to be entered for the draw. Many thanks, Wendy (-:

  2. Hello Kim!
    Sorry to admit that I neither Facebook nor Tweet. BUT I do love your blog, and am a keen reader and follower regardless. Your creativity and the magical works you create brighten my day with much pleasure, and I also enjoy your atmospheric photographs, especially as you seem to love all the places I love too, whether North Yorkshire, Port Mulgrave or the Lake District.

    Keep up the good work……and happy birthday!

    God bless,


  3. Anything with cake attached is good by us. Must come up and look at the Walled Garden again next time we are up to see the family. Last time we visited a good few years back it was in the early stages of being reclaimed so it would be good to see it again. Love the bear gift tag by the way…

    • Yes do, its beautiful now and the cafe in the Vinehouse is wonderful. I went when in the early days too, there were pigs I remember! Let me know if you do come north, we can compare bear notes! ( its a hair slide, the gift tag thing)

  4. I already follow you on facebook and would love to be in with a chnace to win the parcel. Judithxxx

  5. I follow you on facebook and also love your blog,always so nicely put ! x

  6. sorry I don’t Twitter either, but I’ll give you a few bungs on FaceBook and see if that helps up your followers. Keep writing Kim, you have a real gift for it and I love reading it! x x Happy Birthday too 🙂

  7. Hi Kim and you know I stalk you around Facebook and this Blog and Etsy and now From the Wild …in the nicest possible way of stalking of course! Better swing over to Twitter as well now I think of it. I would be over the moon to win your parcel of goodies and I just love everything you do! Sally xx

    • Thanks Sally. I hope your parcel arrived safely! X

      • Hello Kim and sorry for the delayed reply. Yes! The parcel arrived safely and the contents were fabulous ….what a beautiful bag and the finishing touches just make it even more perfect. And there was a penny inside ….lucky, lucky!! Thank you Kim, xx

  8. Laura Goldsack

    Always love to read your blog Kim. Witch mountain is a bit of an inspiration; I am a big fan of your writing and work and your appreciation of all the small things as well as the big. Keep going.

  9. kim i would follow you on facebook if i was on it and i do have a twitter which i never use but i think i am following you…..not even sure how the darn thing works:) but i subscribe to your blog and will as long as you continue to have it! lovely items happy birthday to you! when is the big day are you turning the wonderful age of 45 like me? trust me it is turning out to be a good one.

  10. Hi, good on you and happy birthday! for sure a big LIKE from me on FB

  11. I find your blog so inspirational and always look forward to the next instalment ;D
    Will give you a mention on FB, good luck!!
    Mel xx

  12. One of the reasons I love your blog is because everything you make is so original and utterly beautiful! Keep up the good work, you’re very talented! hayley x

  13. Kim,
    Just saw your FB post… so I hopped right over to show my support. Your blog has been with me now many years, and you & your work are both fresh and beautiful. I recently read the book “Steal Like an Artist” by Austin Kleon. It has some really good info. I highly recommend it!
    Going back to FB and my blog to link to you & your blog & FB.
    xoxo Sandy- oh and I have a new blog…….

  14. Oh, please don’t give up on us ‘Facebookers’ I use it for three reasons; I live abroad and some of my family have also moved abroad so I keep in touch with photos of them and my family in UK, PLUS, keeping in touch with artists and textilers like yourself rather than having loads of bookmarks.

  15. Gillian Statham

    I follow you on Facebook and I love your work. I have only just started to follow your blog but now I’ve discovered it I will continue to follow it as I like your writing and the lovely photos you post.

  16. OOo thank you for the heads up on the give away. I am so jealous of people like you who actually have a talent to blog about and show off, I just put up other people photos of other people’s houses.
    I don’t really use twitter as I really don’t get it, but I shall be liking you on facebook for sure.
    Big love to you

  17. Kim, you are my favourite creative bod. Your photography, artwork, crafts and the way you string words together are all beautiful. It’s so nice to take a break and catch up on your life. Thanks for sharing it with us x

    • Thank you Alison, likewise! Shhh…don’t tell anyone but I keep hoping someone will buy me a moonstone pebble ring from your shop one day, hint hint etc….x

  18. Beautiful artwork. already follow on Facebook x

  19. I love your blog Kim. Don’t always get to read it (or anything that requires more than 5 seconds attention) with two little ones. I remember seeing pictures of a swap that you did around Christmas time and thought how lovely it is and generous of you to send such a lovely parcel and I have felt inspired to send people lovely parcels now. It isn’t in the receiving but in the giving that is the joy. Anyway if you don’t get to 500 facebookers I could send you a birthday present parcel instead.

  20. The old cliche I know, but it’s quality, not quantity that counts! Your work is fantastic, and just because you may not be reaching the masses does not mean that it is any less impressive! I actually think this is a good thing, as it feels more exclusive and special :o) You are an amazing artist, so don’t lose sight of that! Chin up and have a great birthday xx

  21. In Autumn when the leaves are brown
    Take pen and ink and write it down.

    Humpty Dumpty in Through the Looking Glass if I recall.
    I love those books.

  22. I am a fb nerd and tweeter! I love your work! I miss CCAD everyday! can’t believe it was 8 years since your degree! I love your work! Its beautiful! X

  23. Did try sharing around Facebook, hope it helped. Your things are always so beautifullt presented – you make me feel scruffy. 😉

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