“Reasons to be cheerful…”

Even the cat was sulking.

This morning I was woken, not by my alarm ( which I had set for the wrong time and day) but by a huge clap of thunder which shook the house and also woke Sara who needed to be on a train within the hour. Drawing the curtains revealed sideways snow and a fairly decent covering of white; good grief, what is going on with the weather this spring?! We did make it to the station and I waved goodbye to my lovely daughter as she embarks on the last few weeks of her Art Foundation Course. I am very proud of how hard she’s been working and even prouder that she has offers from both Bristol and Leicester to do a degree in Illustration.

I’ve been getting myself into a grumpy state, wondering why my attempts to drum up support by social networking never seem to reap the same rewards as others doing similar things. In fact I got home from work last night exhausted and sulked in the bath, planning a whole new (anonymous) blog called “Bitter Lemons” or something ,where I would rant about Damien Hirst, The National Park, the price of heating oil and the evils of craft fairs. And then I had an epiphany…I had set my painfully slow internet to load a page while I was in the bath, not Facebook or Twitter but a favorite blog written by a lovely creative person on the other side of the world …

Katy Keuter had been to something called Artfest where she took part in various workshops and generally had FUN being creative. The joy in her descriptions of Artfest were infectious and moving and by this morning I had come to the conclusion that what I value most is passion,originality and art with a soul. Give me Tracey Emin over Damien Hirst any day! I have therefore decided that I will draw the winner of my Giveaway on my birthday, April 23rd.In the spirit of Bilbo Baggins I shall GIVE gifts to celebrate rather than demanding anything in return ( except of course you have to leave a comment or I won’t know who you are). One of the things Katy was asked to do in her workshops was draw something from her childhood: it was quite revealing and I felt moved to show you this funny little etching I did when I was about 11…

I think I had become a bit obsessed with “The Moon Stallion”, a children’s TV series from the 1970s, so there are moon symbols everywhere( no horses weirdly) and what must have been my dream home back then. Like Katy it is quite eerie how my childhood drawings have some strong connections to my adult reality – the house looks just like Witchmountain, even down to the big oak tree.Spooky.
So,I’ve had a few setbacks this week ( the National Park aren’t keen on my plans) but I’ve also had lots of reasons to be cheerful; one of them being this…

Well, not quite this but one very much like it. Sometimes the generosity of people is humbling and I’d like to thank Graham and Toni again for giving me the beautiful Heartland Sweetheart woodburning stove that is sitting in the shed waiting to be brought back to life. I’m going to be taking inspiration from this blog I think, it looks like I may need some advice from a kindred spirit!When its fitted I shall welcome power cuts and fill the house with the smell of bread and woodsmoke, I shall look like this…

However mean the NYM National Park are with planning ( sticks bottom lip out) they at least have good taste in artists and I was excited to receive my invitation to this celebratory exhibition. It runs from May 13th- July 17th at the Danby Moors Center. Will you be going?

Conclusion:- Quality not Quantity, Soul not just Sales Talk, Generosity not Greed. I hereby swear to be less bitter and draw more bears. *******THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR EXTREMELY KIND COMMENTS **********



15 responses to ““Reasons to be cheerful…”

  1. here here!!!….I can wholeheartedly empathise with you and how you feel, frustrating days (and mini rants!) often lead to better things….thankfully!
    I’m hoping to get through to the Danby Exhibition and have had the pleasure of meeting most of the exhibitors, Peter Hicks especially over the last three years as a hands on visiting lecturer….. you never know we may meet up.
    P.S: loving your new stove…its positively sparkling

    • Are you coming to the opening? It would be lovely to see you. I expect Les and Sue will be there too. My Dad is re publishing his ” A Furnished Landscape ” book to accompany his work in the exhibition.

  2. Oh Kim!
    I love that you shared your drawing from when you were 11! Yes it does look like your homestead now I love this!! I didn’t mention on my post that
    my teacher shared that she uses these symbols from her childhood drawings in her paintings and even if she ends up painting over them she knows that they are in her pieces…I liked this idea I think my little woman will be in my work now even if she ends up getting covered up i will know she is there and she makes me so happy a win win painting situation:) I think your moon is a wonderful symbol I love how Eudora Welty described the moon in her book one writers beginning
    “At around age six, perhaps, I was standing by myself in our front yard waiting for supper, just at that hour in a late summer day when the sun is already below the horizon and the risen full moon in the visible sky stops being chalky and begins to take on light. There comes the moment, and I saw it then, when the moon goes from flat to round. For the first time it met my eyes as a globe.”

    Oh the power of the moon I so see it in your work kim it just shines through!

    • Thats beautiful Katy. I loved your journal for Suzanne too. Really lovely. Big hugs from chilly England xxx

  3. What a gorgeous post! I love your picture – I actually think there’s a lot of it in the things I see on your blog now! As for the stove – did you see the TV programme about Beamish museum reinstating and old chip fryer? You just reminded me of it – it’s worth a watch. We live in an ex-National Trust property, so I have every sympathy with you and your planning trials – hope it all comes good in the end. And enjoy the exhibition! Ax

    • mmmm, chips! I’ve never been to Beamish, I really must. Gosh, I bet you aren’t even allowed to hang the washing out in a National Trust property! x

  4. you really must go to beamish it`s fantastic.i first went maybe 30 years ago and it`s just got better and better.i made a pole lathe there one long weekend.we should go next time i`m south which should be fairly soon x

    • Sorry to hijack your blog Kim, but Louis, are you Raymond and Avril’s cousin? And yes, living on NT property is never dull!

  5. Yes,that’s vaugely what the stove SHOULD look like. I’m sure with a bit of the old ‘Silvo’, it’ll come up just like that….erm… yeah. One can at least hope! We’re all very pleased that it’s gone to someone that will be able to use it… So you’re very welcome. Chin up with the PArk. they’ll see reason, when you get to talk with the right folk. Will try to get up to the art exhib at the moors centre. Just as common or garden punters of course, not VIP’s. My word. It’ll be all airs and graces next.


  6. ohhhh Kim, what a lovely post! Glad you had an epiphany 🙂 lots of love J x x

  7. Hi, just dropped by to return the blog visit and thank you for letting me know about the link. You will absolutely love your Sweetheart cookstove. Our’s lived in our shed for about a year before we got it installed. 😮 Love your creative streak too.

  8. Katy is truly an inspiration … ♥ … as are you!

    Love the wood stove .. life will slow to a glorious pace .. enjoy!

  9. Social networking is not all its cracked up to be. Those who dont follow are missing out. I love hearing about all you get up to on witchmountain. You have a real way with words not to mention your beautiful work. Thanks for sharing.xx

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