“Lift me Higher”

Today, while the chickens sunbathed outside the window, I recovered from the weekend by drawing kodatrace designs with Lindsey. We drank coffee, ate sponge fingers and tried to whistle the national anthem while laughing. I can’t wait to do some printing and I do need to plan my time well as you only get 3 hours; my usual scatter gun approach will have to be tamed ; especially as I really can’t waste any fabric ( not at £22 a meter!). Once printed I will be able to add embroidery, hopefully while lying on a chaise longue in the garden, under a parasol.

The critical phrase in that last paragraph was ” recovered from the weekend”…once that would have meant in a darkened room with a bucket of painkillers and a lavender compress; not any more my friends …

No, I love dark sweaty clubs, thumping bass,unsuitable footwear and all the vices that go with them but I have to admit you can’t beat looking out at the world from the top of a very tall hill to lift you higher…as it were. The heat of my MacBook is soothing my tired legs and I have absolutely no guilt about the chocolate bar I’m about to eat when I finish writing.Just somebody please smack me if I ever buy a pair of beige “ladies walking trousers” .

Yesterday’s adventure was truly beautiful, once the evil uphill bit had ended and I could breath again. The ridge from Hopegill Head to Whiteside was lovely, despite the snow which fell from a clear sky and seemed to float upwards in a most dizzying way. On the way down ( known as the descent to fell walking types with beige trousers… ) I bounced over hummocks of springy moss and felt as though I could walk for ever.We cooled our feet in the icy beck with banks full of tiny violets (only visible to people who were starting to want to lie down)  and within moments of getting back in the car I was nearly asleep; so much for walking forever.

I have yet to spot a red squirrel but I did see and hear a wild raven for the first time, initially assuming it was Rupert making rude noises! I had only ever seen those at the Tower of London; poor city birds who must stay confined or, it is said, the Tower will fall.

Huge and enormously grateful and shy THANK YOUs to all the  people who have stopped by lately and been so kind and encouraging. In the spirit of random sharing here are some lovely people and places I’ve discovered recently… Bruce Hardy ( stunning pictures of the Lakes), Maricor/Maricar ( embroidery ), Les Ours d’Uzes ( in French so I’m luckily not able to buy everything on these pages and run about pretending to be in Wuthering Heights. French textiles and fashion …and les Ours means bears doesn’t it?)

Reading “Wild Olives” William Graves


9 responses to ““Lift me Higher”

  1. Sounds like a fantastic trip up to touch the sky!

    Inspired by A Higher State of Consciousness on 6music this evening I’m now listening to some very loud trance and wishing I was clubbing in some dark sweaty place! Ah well, maybe I’ll get up some mountains soon too. x

  2. Gosh, I hope you’re not keeping the neighbours awake ;0) If only any clubs round here played that kind of music. x

  3. come out dancing with us Kim, on Saturday night!!! 🙂 Lovely post, as always, breathtaking photos and your writing makes me laugh-I love seeing the tiny violets too………..

  4. Didn’t go to bed until 4.30am, not because I was clubbing no, I had fallen asleep on my lovely settee.
    You deserve the chocolate bar Kim.
    Great pictures and a great read.
    Good luck with your printing.
    One I Made Earlier Today

  5. Hey Kim, I nearly bought those beige sensible ladies walking trousers the other day! I still might succumb – they looked awfully comfy and practical and we’re off to a wild spot in Wales on holiday in June where I reckon they’d fit in a treat! Great Blog entry with lovely positivities! Sal xx

  6. great post, you always make me laugh kim, and what a lovely mountain

  7. Gorgeous photos, gorgeous squirrel and ditto on the beige trousers!

  8. Hi Kim, love all your blog but I came across it via someone posting your squirrel sketch on Pinterest. I love squirrels so followed it and have been engrossed in your blog for half an hour since! I have to ask whether you sell prints of the squirrel sketch? I followed your Etsy link and do like your other items but would adore your squirrel on my wall! If not no problem but if you do have time to let me know I’d really appreciate it,

    Many thanks
    Anna S

    • Hi Anna, Thank you for a lovely comment and it’s interesting to know how people find their way here!I still have the original squirrel drawing/cyanotype if you are interested or I could make a digital print from it if you like.Drop me a line by e-mail Kim@Tillyer.com for more details ( I’m away till next week but I will get in touch when I’m home) Still waiting to see a red squirrel for real……

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