“Good times, for a change…”

Today I was up at 7 and padding about the garden with bear feet, amazed and uplifted by the way sunshine was casting a new light on everything. Sunlight! I know its a cliché , so typically English to talk about the weather, but goodness its been grim, we deserve a break! Today the supermarkets will be full of people panic buying salads and sausages and charcoal for their barbeques and shirtless men will appear in the street clutching crates of lager. Tomorrow we will all be a little pinker.

My last post was pretty gloomy in places but almost immediately I had two outrageously good pieces of fortune. Firstly my son managed, with the help of this internet forum ,to mend my car! I had literally been worrying myself sick because I knew I could not afford the £300 that the garage had quoted me and I’m quite shocked by the fact that trained mechanics couldn’t solve a problem which Jake seemed to manage easily, my son is a hero. Secondly…remember my letter to the head of HSBC? Well he didn’t buy any of my work, or extend my overdraft and I know its just a trade price, corporate gift but look what I got….!!!!

It seems that the banks must apologize to people quite frequently and I’m looking forward to my next meeting with them when I plan to replace the orange ribbons on my boots with these and wear the “Sorry” card as a hair slide.

So yes, the sun has got his hat on and I’m going to see if I can find one so I can spend the day in the garden working on some embroidery and, if the fabric dries in time, doing some more cyanotype prints.The image below shows part of a floral print on linen which I made using Monica‘s katagami stencils.

Thank you everyone for all the kind and encouraging comments last week. Sometimes the internet can seem a hostile place and you’d be a fool to bare your vulnerabilities, especially if you’re still waiting for that great design/writing job offer to materialize out of the ether… The cult of “me” and that whole section in book shops called “misery memoirs” make me cringe slightly but  I have to say, some of my favorite blogs, the ones that I return to often,are those which have just the right balance between honesty, openness and creative interest; we’re all human after all and its sometimes nice to know you’re not the only one in  bad mood!

Art in the Shed is back for its third year next month, raising money for Street Child Africa . It would be lovely to see you there, why not make a weekend of it and escape the Olympic/Jubilee madness? Pitch a tent on Witchmountain and I might just make you a cup of tea.


5 responses to ““Good times, for a change…”

  1. Hurray for the sunshine (even if we don’t have it in Cornwall), and hurray for bank hampers! I love the frenzied dancing print… and the fact that the Smiths are now firmly lodged in my brain for the evening…

  2. Yes, hurrah for sunshine and I am glad to hear your are feeling happier. I hope the good things of last week and this weeks sunshine brings a productive week full of positive opportunities.

    I myself got out a sketchbook for the first time in an age. Full of hope that I might do something.

    Oh and by the way, is that your garden? It is so beautiful.

  3. kim,
    I am so happy the car is running! I thought your last post was wonderful because it was sharing such truth…..it is hard to put ourselves out there with our art and try to make our living this way…i laugh because i now have two jobs, but still, when i can manage, i try to hock my wares around town…i am not giving up on my art becoming my full-time gig!!! Long live forty-something year old artists!!:)

  4. kim,
    what a beautiful post…do NOT give up on your art. i so completely believe that the world needs people (now more than ever) who are strong enough, willing enough, brave enough, and beautiful enough to share their hearts…their creativity…their gifts. we need this because you never know whom it will touch and how it will affect them. keep on putting yourself out there, kim – it does the world good. xx

    • Witchmountain

      Thank you so much Suzanne, that was the most perfectly timed comment and I really appreciate it. xxx

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