Aurora Liddle

I used to think I was a winter person, all about log fires and wool but this past week of cloudless blue and baking heat has given me a strange kind of energy, mostly to do with the garden.When I say “energy” this is relative to my normal state and doesn’t mean I’ve started moving around quickly or running or anything.When it’s like this it’s hard to imagine that it will ever be, or has ever been, cold and grey but this evening there are tall pink clouds on the horizon so I’m hoping that I’ve stored up enough sunshine to see me through.

I’ve been trying to get fitter so that I can survive a day at the pony treking centre where I have just taken an occasional job (!). The kitchen at Witchmountain is full of salad making ingredients and green tea while the evenings have seen me wandering the moors and woods, sniffing bluebells and inhaling the nutty green scent of  fern and bracken “fiddle heads “. Its all just been to pretty for words.

Back in the garden I sat in the red hot sun and finished this cushion which was torture as it is mostly wool and so felt as though I had a blanket on my knees. Embroidery is definitely more of a cold weather sport ; hot hands, wool and needles aren’t a good combination. Its been perfect for cyanotype printing though.

It was hard to photograph the fox cushion with my phone camera as it was so bright but at last I managed to get Evil Penguin, my last remaining Buff Pekin bantam, to pose next to it. She’s not scared of foxes and is very fond of orange…

So this new creation will be making its debut at Art in the Shed next weekend and hopefully going to a new home because its too lovely to be living in a box in the cupboard under the stairs. Don’t forget my offer of free camping if you fancy visiting the shed and wandering in this rural idyll..!

Its time I sorted some things out ready for the weekend because I need to plan everything very carefully at the moment.My lovely daughter is home and we have to share the car so I’m being organised for a change, writing lists and wondering if I should have kept the ponies after all and used them to get to work!We’re also sharing the computer which is great because its massively cut down the amount of Tweeting and Facebooking and general time wasting I normally do.  Meanwhile I’m listening to this after hearing it on Guy Garvey’s 6Music programne last night , or I will be if my computer doesn’t explode before it can upload.It’s the sort of music that seems to fit with landscape somehow and , as I  said before,its all just too beautiful for words right now.

Enough words. Thank you for reading x

Reading: ” The Observer Book of Birds” Listening To:Ralph Vaughn Williams Watching: William Tillyer and Peter Hicks talk about painting

One response to “Aurora Liddle

  1. I just love reading your blog. And the pictures are just exquisite x

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