In an English Country Garden…

The rain came and the garden was very happy, although the Queen looked a bit chilly on her Jubilee barge and the country was awash with soggy bunting and hastily rearranged “indoor picnics”. I have mixed feelings about royalty and conspicuous excess but nobody can deny we needed a good party and an excuse to celebrate.However, this weekend has been all about Art in the Shed rather than jubilations for me. An event which I have to say, combined all the elements of “Rural British-ness” that we love to sell to visitors from abroad.It felt like being in The Archers;we had clergymen eating cream scones, home made cider, Union Jack serviettes with slices of coffee and walnut cake, huge pots of tea,droopy flowers and …rain!

When we set it up, the shed was like a sauna and there was a real danger that things might melt or warp but by the time I came down on Sunday it was pretty chilly. Anyway it looked great and this year (its third) saw more artists than ever taking part so that hopefully lots of money has been raised for Street Child Africa.

Jane puts so much effort in to organising this event every year and really is the most perfect host.I feel as though I’ve been baking all weekend but she takes this in her stride! Still, I am rather proud of my Coffee and Walnut cake…it was so pretty till people went and ate it!

Today was the final day and since my daughter was at work I was stranded here with nothing to do but bake pies for this evenings “after party” when I will find out how much we raised. Its been a lot of fun and made me want my own little shed gallery more than ever.

Anyway, its time to escape from this virtual world and knock the real one in to shape. My lovely friends called by unexpectedly today and found me wrestling with clutter wearing my pyjamas, hair all wild and woolly and glasses misted over with flour. I intend to make more of an effort in future!( or do my housework in a ballgown)

Many thanks again to the lovely people who seem to know exactly when to leave an encouraging comment; and at the risk of bursting into tears like Gwyneth Paltrow at the Oscars here are some links to some very special people…Suzanne, Katy, Lindsey and Susie.

Hey, its nearly Midsummer….has anyone got any exciting plans? And who’s going to be watching the Transit of Venus tomorrow?! x



3 responses to “In an English Country Garden…

  1. A lovely post and lovely pics, thanks Mountain Lady x

  2. Oh i want a shed like that too! So lovely i can not imagine the event not being a success.

  3. Looks like a wonderful time was had by all in the shed. A shed gallery sounds like a great idea to me. Maybe next year you could time it to conincide with Yorkshire Open Studios, you would get lots of publicity then. Well done on raising lots of money.xx

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