The Edge of Reason

I am a creature of habit and a nest builder at heart; more comfortable pottering in the garden, getting over excited at the discovery of a newt in the old sink pond or marveling at the new fern fronds than planning “adventures” and travels. However, after a fairly active weekend I feel as though I’ve just returned from an epic trip up the Eiger and I’m bursting with new ideas which I will put in to action …just as soon as my legs stop aching.

The weekend started with a visit to Harrogate Climbing Centre where I failed at the first hurdle by forgetting how to tie a knot. My mind went blank, even though I’d been making necklaces using that very knot,it was like a test and I knew the staff could see I wasn’t a climber but an couch potato in disguise ( and not a very good disguise at that). Anyway,I had fun and left feeling proud that I had over come some fears and achieved something, however small ( five year old children were making less fuss).

But Sunday was the highlight of the month/year so far. I really feel as though I’ve been on holiday for a week, not just one night in a Youth Hostel! I can only imagine how stunning the Lake District must be to people who live in towns and cities because I am lucky enough to be surrounded by beautiful landscape everyday and still I am smitten. We walked for hours and I feel as though I need my hips and knees replacing but after first seeing it in my geography text book in 1982 I can now say I have climbed Helvellyn and not fallen off Striding Edge! The clouds and mist swirled around making it all seem twice as atmospheric; at times we were above the clouds and while I still think clambering about on rocks is mad and dangerous there really is something wonderful about reaching the top of something and looking down,feeling a sense of proportion and calm ( and relief that the way back is all downhill!)

So, I’d already decided that I needed to have a big clear out and start something new and last night, inspired by all the climbing stuff I’ve seen lately I quickly made up this chalk bag from a pattern I’d had for ages.I’m going to start making them and designing a print or perhaps applique pattern… Any climbers out there have any advice on design improvements?

Meanwhile I must empty my shelves of old stock so I’m having a massive sale on Facebook. Everything in the photo album is only £8 with free postage so all you have to do is leave a comment under the item you want and I’ll get in touch to arrange payment (by Paypal). Sometimes a good clear out is very theraputic.

Now its time for a big deep bath to ease my tired old bones ( I’ve been working at the stables today too) and then I have a new fox cushion to start embroidering. I think I need to organise a rave in the field as an antidote to all this healthy excercise… balance is important!

Reading: “A Dancer in Wartime” Gillian Lynne Listening To:”Old Man” Neil Young.

4 responses to “The Edge of Reason

  1. Rave in the field? We’re in! 🙂 as long as Mandela hasn’t kicked me in the head again…… x x

  2. Dear Mrs Witch, you are obviously creating a very devious spell, I am not really into facebook but did tune into to look at your yard sale. I would buy the green bear if still available but whichever which way I tried I could not work out how to comment under pic? Ann

  3. Oh, Striding Edge… it’s about 20 years since I went up there… you’re making me nostalgic! And I love your chalk bag idea, so much lovelier than the ones I bought in Cotswolds…

  4. Hi Kim – just wanted to add that I nominated you for a Versatile Blogger award – my latest post explains more if you want to take a look!

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