A Trip to Owl Island

The days are speeding past so quickly in their grey and murky ways that the possibility of Winter and the need to stock up the wood pile has started to prickle at the back of my mind.I’m thinking of investing in a sunbed so that I can continue cyanotype printing despite the low light levels, while achieving a healthy glow and keeping warm all at the same time.                                              Anyway,here I am to tell you about one of my recent “blogging perks”. Hello Canvas UK wrote to me to offer a free canvas print in return for a review on Witchmountain.I’m always a bit suspicious about random, strangely worded e-mails but I hastily chose an image and was more than pleasantly surprised when it arrived yesterday.

The canvas was HUGE ( 50x69cms) compared to the original drawing and finished to a really high standard with a backing board to stop it going baggy. As I said, I was hasty in my choice of image and hadn’t even looked to see how big the canvas would be, or how big the file should be so I have to say that although the image appears very slightly pixelated up close, at a normal viewing distance it’s amazingly crisp and looks great (the original drawing was so tiny 18x25cms that its surprising that it reproduced this big at all). So “Thank You” to the people at Hello Canvas, I would like to get some more done but I’ll have to sell this one first (hint). I’m debating whether to add some hand stitching …

A special thing happened at the weekend; we took my lovely daughter to the Lakes for a trip up her first Lakeland fell( Latrigg) and a canoeing adventure on Derwent Water. It was lovely to share some of the places that have become so precious to me over the past two years or so. Our adventure on the lake was hilarious, part “Three men in a Boat”, part “Swallows and Amazons”; once we had got over the long walk down to the water,carrying the boat (are they made of lead or concrete?). We paddled from High Brandelhow, armed with a big picnic of olives,sandwiches and apricots and clad in rather fetching life jackets. Otterbield Island proved to be mostly populated by midgees and bird-poo so we had lunch on St Herbert’s Island and managed to escape without upsetting Old Brown (or seeing any Squirrels ). It was a perfect day; even when Sara and I had to sit in a monsoon at Friar’s Crag, still in our life jackets, for over an hour while Rupert got the Keswick Launch back to retrieve the van (to save carrying the boat uphill). We shivered and laughed and worried the groups of foreign tourists and wondered if the lovely Emma at Temporary Measure would give us shelter, as by this time we were wetter than if we’d jumped in.

So, my love affair with the Lake District continues and I even dug out my Derwent Inktense pencils for a bit of late night doodling last night. Next time I will find a grassy knoll to sit on, with an umbrella and a flask of coffee and work on my rusty landscape drawing techniques.

Now for a splash of colour – with obligatory raindrops…

And a little more colour to brighten up your day.This cushion is on From the Wilde now and if they don’t sell soon I will run out of space here in my little moorland cottage; it’s turning into a nest of cushions and fabric and odd bits of haberdashery.The Bernina saga continues but more of that next time; just now I need to put the kettle on, it must be time for another cup of something.

Listening to:- “Jack Leaves and Black Spring” Blue Aeroplanes, “Ode to Sad Disco” Mark Lanegan  Reading:- “Art in Nature” Tove Jansson.


6 responses to “A Trip to Owl Island

  1. I love your bit size pieces of the lovely Lakes and that canvas is truly stunning!

    • Witchmountain

      Thanks Alison, I do love the Lakes, though I think it looks like its been pretty idyllic in Orkney …so much more sunlight than we’ve had. x

  2. Ooo, paddling on Derwent Water is such fun, even in the wind and rain (though my children might not agree… they weren’t too keen on the ‘chop’ last time!). I love your drawing too – gorgeous perspective – I’m ever so slightly envious!

    • Witchmountain

      It was so good Ailsa, and we were caught in a choppy bow wave which caused us to run aground on Friars Crag.I thought we were done for! x


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