It’s a Jungle Out There

I am in charge of a small dog this week; he reminds me of someone from Moominland (” the dweller who lives under the sink” perhaps?) and he looks at me reproachfully from under his Byronic fringe.Wandering through the woods and fields with a short legged animal I realised how lush and overgrown everything had become, viciously spikey thistles,taller than me and only the waving of the bracken tops to hint at Hamish battling through the undergrowth beneath. Everything seems to be either green or purple; the moorland heather almost ready for it’s moment of glory and the verges lined with foxglove,harebells,knapweed and self heal.

Also last week, amongst the chaos of boxes from the parent’s attic, visits from lovely college friends and trips to the sea for a spot of swimming, I got carried away with Photoshop and the sewing machine. I made this purse for a friend’s 30th birthday, featuring her two pet rabbits ,Bilbo and Binky. I’d done the drawing last year and am proud to say that in just over 3 hours I had gone from original drawing to finished product…I’m hoping for a flood of commissions and possible job offers…….no? Anyway it was a great party, so nice to be staggering home at 5am for a change with aching feet and a fuzzy head; I do miss those nights, they are a balance to the everyday solitude, green tea and yoga.

I also had a shock. I had totally forgotten that I had an exhibition booked at the Dutch House; well, not forgotten but not actually realised that it was August already and the exhibition starts NEXT WEEK! Last night was frantically spent with bubble wrap and stickers, printing out labels and lists so that Sara could deliver all the framed work I could find on the one day the car was free.My first “one man show” folks so if you can get there it would be great to hear what you think. If you haven’t been to the Dutch House its well worth a visit, if only for the fabulous coffee and Dutch treats such as poffertjes and speculaas biscuits.

So, a belated Lughnasadh to you all. I’m about to make more coffee before doing some more work on this commissioned piece ; I may sit on this bench if the sun stays out and the dog stops looking at me in that please-take-me-for-a-walk-or-throw-that-ball-for-me-like-Jane-does kind of way.

Reading:- “Dumb Witness” Agatha Christie ( on Sara’s Kindle) Listening To:- “Love Letter” Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds


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