“Til the washing of the water make it all alright”

This has been a week of looking at the sky and watching huge castles of clouds forming, only to be slightly disappointed when the storm just missed us. I love thunder storms and the one which eventually arrived yesterday was fabulous. Sara and I went for one of our badly timed walks (it was dark before we got home) to look at the floods and marvel at the mist hanging in the valleys where the rivers had turned to frothy,chocolate torrents.

These two pictures were taken from the same spot a few days apart.

Other than the biblical floods its been a particularly good week to be in Yorkshire as we all bask in the reflected glory of the unusually high number of Olympic medal winners from the county.Post boxes have been painted gold and much to everyone’s surprise we seem to be doing ok at running the Olympics. Having said that I’ve missed most of it as the tv remote went missing …later discovered masquerading as a watercolour set in “someone’s” art box.
And anyway, I’m constantly distracted by the view outside the window and at this time of year the heavy scent of roses and honeysuckle. Sara and I have had a few lovely afternoons drawing and working outside as she prepares her college project and I finish this Yorkshire themed commission…

Its been wonderful to work on this piece and feel there was a reason for making it. So often it is hard to get started because it can feel a little self indulgent to sit in the sunshine with an embroidery hoop or a sketchbook when really it might be more sensible to head down to the job center and look for a secure way of bringing home some bacon (easier said than done though). Something I learned this week was that people really love learning new creative techniques and I really enjoyed seeing  Sara get inspired by the heat transfer dyes. I’d always worried that it would be pointless running workshops as the processes were so straightforward but I was told about a day the students at DMU had to attend which was basically glorified potato printing! I could do that, as Yosser Hughes would say.

Well, I think I’ve waffled on for long enough, time for a hot bath while the water is still clear ( it turns the colour of best bitter when it rains). Tomorrow I will be trying to find out what has become of the Haunted Bernina and doing some experiments with Lazertran (does anybody out there use this?)

Meanwhile here is an important message…


3 responses to ““Til the washing of the water make it all alright”

  1. Lovely writings as ever Kim and always a constant inspiration. I’ve got a smile on my face! And I’m also loving the Yorkshire themed commission …gorgeous! xx

  2. What a really lovely post and such gorgeous photographs so atmospheric. I love a storm too although the one a month ago was very frightening, never heard thunder so loud in my entire life! Your piece looks so gorgeous, and what better to sit in the sun and create. I love heat transfer and it does have a ‘bad press’ to use a cliche. I just love experimenting with it. Enjoy the sunshine. jayne x

  3. what beautiful surroundings to wander through – completely magical. and the piece you are working on is just lovely. 🙂

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