“Fields of Poppies, Little Pearls…”

What an exciting week …a lesson in never giving up.Just when I felt like growing a beard, turning into an eccentric and bitter old hermit, mowing the grass in a ballgown or dying all my clothes purple, I had a little flurry of successes and felt inspired again. Now, I hesitate to sound too upbeat, I’m pretty superstitious about writing down how great things are going ( I also rarely wash my car because whenever I do, things seem to go wrong- like crashing into a port-a-loo lorry. This happened once, but still…) but I also think its worth encouraging people not to lose heart. These cushions had languished on the virtual shelf at From The Wilde for months, until I let a friend take them away with her for some professional advice and feedback.

Waking up one morning feeling blue and angry I was surprised by an e-mail saying that they had BOTH sold! Yippee! Of course any profit has been swallowed by the cost of driving to the NEST gallery in Barnard Castle to retrieve them and the huge cost of postage to Belgium but just now I don’t care; its been good to know that people are prepared to part with actual real money ( quite a lot of money) to have something I made in their homes. Sometimes an ego boost is more valuable than a big fat cheque (I should point out that none of this is a reflection on the wonderful From the Wilde who work tirelessly to promote the work of independent artists and craftspeople and without whom I wouldn’t have earned a bean.)A few smaller sales this week and of course the commission for my lovely friend Emily have at last made me feel a little bit more of an artist and less of a waitress.

The garden is doing a good impression of artful dishevelment or beautiful neglect, with more colour than any year since I moved here. The wild flower mat ( a birthday present) is the star at the moment , with new little surprises opening everyday; dark red poppies with downy stems,Californian poppies and red clover.Its such a piece of paradise for me, a place of solace (my cure for grumpiness at the moment is to squat barefoot in the grass gorging on wild strawberries) and yet somehow also of sadness, as it now feels like a “mature garden” and marks the passage of time so clearly and inevitably.

Ah, enough flowery ,romantic, nonsense! I’m also feeling good about the fact that the exhibition at the Dutch House is happening RIGHT NOW ( until September 16th) and most of my family have been to see it- I still haven’t had a chance. A phone call from my  Daddy telling me it looked good was probably the highlight of last week (anyone remember those BT adverts from the 80’s?).

So I’m feeling quite relieved and “end of term-ish” as all orders have been sent, Sara’s project has been posted, the floors have been swept clear and the haunted Bernina has returned from its trip to the exorcist ( repair man). I’m enjoying a bit of solitude and wondering if I’ll get a chance to have a play with the machine before the house fills up again!

I’ll leave you with this picture of a Lake District breakfast. Hmmm, time to put the kettle on…..

Reading :- “The Kingdom by the Sea”Paul Theroux “Death in the Clouds” Agatha Christie Listening To  : Some dusty tape cassettes of Kate Bush ( Army Dreamers), The Cure ( The Perfect Girl) and Neil Young ( Pocahontas)


5 responses to ““Fields of Poppies, Little Pearls…”

  1. What a really lovely post, I can totally identify with your feelings, the times I have thought no-one would ever want to buy any of my work, and then all of a sudden they do! I have just completed orders I received, it is as you say so satisfying. Your work is so beautiful and exquisitely made, and I am sure people love to own your work, it is just the economic climate at the moment. I am glad you are feeling positive. Await how the exorcism has gone when you fire bernie up again! jayne x

  2. Just lovely… again! 🙂

  3. Thank you lovely people. Alison I was admiring your beautiful moonstone pebble rings again last night and hinting heavily! Just thought I’d hint here in case he’s reading!!!! xxx

  4. oh you are giving me hope with this post. I am working on cards for an up coming show where i put in a piece(painting) in and i am hoping to sell all my cards(cross my fingers) I am so happy for you and i am not one bit suprise that your lovely pillows are off to their proper homes:)
    and of course we listen to the same music, of course we do:)

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