Embroidering Emotional Baggage

So, its August Bank Holiday and guess what…I’m sitting in the kitchen with the stove on and the bread baking in the oven and the rain battering the windows. Somebody foolishly left me alone with a slab of Wensleydale with ginger and a newly baked loaf …                                                                                                                 Today, after watching “Brideshead Revisited” last night ( should I read the book again?), we took a trip to Castle Howard and braved the Bank Holiday crowds to marvel at it all;the art, the opulence,the romance, the eternal inequalities…and the wonderful titles in the library; where we overheard a stroppy teenager remark, “I hate libraries” (Good grief, what bitter experience inspired that I wonder?)! Anyway, the only thing that spoiled it was that we weren’t dressed in gorgeous 1920s outfits instead of raincoats, and that it all smelt slightly of soup.

Apart from visiting stately homes I have been celebrating the return of the Bernina sewing machine with a mad burst of inspiration and messing about with dyes and prints. A friend of mine asked if I could make a bag with a fox on it, suitable for carrying books. So with a little help from this tutorial on the lovely Tiny Happy blog , I set about making my first shoulder bag.I’m so glad Melissa of Tiny Happy shared this pattern as I am a bit of a dunce when it comes to working out patterns and I’m mainly just looking for something simple that I can use as a blank canvas.

I hope its new owner likes it anyway. I can remember when I was a teenager at school, having the right sort of stuff…bag, shoes or whatever was vitally important to avoid unwanted attention from the sneery,”cool” kids,so I hope they’ve reached the “I’ve got something totally unique that you couldn’t buy even if you wanted to” stage. That was the last of my fox prints for a while as I dropped and smashed, the jar of dye all over the kitchen floor and have now run out of foxy orange.

Often having a go at something new sets me off on in all sorts of directions and I was so pleased with the Fox Bag that I spent an evening making this little one for myself. Made of a really old and threadbare blanket and lined with soft magenta cotton, I dip dyed it, over printed with disperse dyes and then hand embroidered.

Now I’ve learned some lessons from my experiments and then next ones I make will have more inside pockets and a different, more secure, closure I think.I’m going to call this department of my eclectic emporium “Emotional Baggage”.

Well, this is going to be a pretty short post from me tonight as all that cheese and the hot stove and the pretending to be Julia Flyte have made me sleepy. I’m going to have an early night and hope for a busy and productive day tomorrow…in fact, I hope it rains so that the garden can’t lure me out. Meanwhile, look at this lovely tumble down summer house I saw on Sunday ( it stands right next to the Lodge which is the Big House on the estate)…I would love to transplant it into my field and grow roses, jasmine and honeysuckle up the veranda. It would make the perfect studio …



7 responses to “Embroidering Emotional Baggage

  1. The bags look lovely, it will be interesting to see the next experiments. I am hoping that it will stop raining here, I’m sick of mud and wet washing.

    • Frances, I’m sorry to hear about poor old Ginger! Your new dog looks lovely though…hope it dries up soon so you get less muddy pawprints x

  2. they’re beautiful- you are so creative! i love your take on the pattern. xx

  3. oops sorry- that was me (melissa)- using my school log in/blog by accident!

  4. I adore your blog and so look forward to new entries-you are an inspiration!

  5. i laughed outl-oud at the library comment too funny! Love the bags you are making. I could see that little house as your studio so you! i much love for brideshead revisted if it has all this loveliness in it.

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