September is here ,to taunt the kids returning to school, with all the summer we didn’t have. The garden is a riot of mismatched colour…yellow fennel flowers with bright purple bergamot sounds revolting but somehow it works.I wish I could say I’d planned it carefully but its been mostly accidental. And there is a freshness in the air, that feeling of seasons about to change,swallows gathering to fly south and pheasants keeping their heads down.The sky is opaline.

I need to thank my lovely friend Louis, from Orkney, who commissioned the Fox Bag, for providing a massive incentive to start making things again. I’ve been going to bed with that “can’t wait to start again tomorrow” feeling and just enjoying the whole process ; print, stitch,dying fabric and of course using the old/new Bernina ( who is turning out to be a pleasure after a rather shaky beginning). Its slow work though and this is the main problem with trying to make stuff for a living.

I treated myself to some lovely new embroidery wools from Renaissance Dying who use natural plant extracts to hand dye the lambswool. The colour range is fabulous; certainly beats the selection in the local “Boyes”, and works beautifully with the subtle effect of disperse dye printing on natural fabrics. So, its been quite a productive week, baby slippers and bags appearing all over the place while the dishes pile up and the garden reverts to wilderness.

Something in the garden bit me, just as I was cutting the lavender to ease a nasty migraine. I don’t know what it was, it was too small to see but I’ve been coming out in crazy allergic rashes ever since…last night I woke at 3am with both my palms itching like mad; I think this is a sign that I’m going to get rich, it says so in a book of old wives tales I have.

Well, it must be time for some coffee I think, before starting on a new piece of work.The sun is shining and its tempting to sit outside to stock up on light and vitamin D before winter which may arrive next week, you never know. Oh before I go I have to tell you about the beautiful canvas that arrived from Temporary Measure last week.It was my prize from their photography competition and I chose a misty mountain view which Rupert immediately identified as the top of Catbells. I’ve said it a million times but you must go and look at the website because its as unique and quirky and handmade as the shop itself and you have to admire unique, handmade, quirkiness in the age of generic high streets and mass produced tat.

My next job is to list the new bags on From the Wilde and finally to share with you this picture which the lovely people at Renaissance Dying just e-mailed me; a surprise from the woods…

Reading:- “Oh Comely” magazine  Listening to:- Sycamore Sykes “Come Along Mary”

6 responses to “Opaline

  1. Just Love Temporary Measure…one of my favourite shops in Keswick! Well done on the Canvas 🙂

    • I’m too shy to go in now Louise in case Emma thinks I’m a stalker! So encouraging to see a real independent shop surviving on the high street instead of just another gift shop full of stuff they (and every other shopkeeper) saw at a trade show in Earls Court.

  2. ah kim you are too kind x gorgeous blog as always and your garden is beautiful!! makes me ashamed of our wild grass patch! you should do garden rescuing as well as your lovely commissions! x

  3. I just love reading your posts. You have such a beautiful outlook on life and a wonderful way with words. Thankyou.

  4. Kim I am so envious of your view – all that space ,sky and inspiration. Your garden looks like you have hungrily snatched a little piece of the moor to nourish and nurture like an abandoned lamb. I’m taking imaginary lungfuls of good North Yorkshire air ….I miss it

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