In To The West









This post is dedicated to all the new students who have just moved to cities far away and to their parents who had to act like grown-ups and not burst into tears and demand to go home immediately.I was never the kind of mother who wept at the school gates on the first day of primary school, so, abandoning my daughter in a tower block in Bristol ( where she is studying Illustration), it was a bit of a surprise to find myself sobbing and getting beeped at by other drivers as I went round and round the same round-a-bout, trying, with blurry vision to find my way back out of the city. Luckily I was staying with my lovely “sister-in-law” not far away, so the next day we were able to have a wonderful time exploring and recovering from the ordeal of moving into a tenth floor room with views of the motorway!

Clifton, on the other side of the city couldn’t have been more different…elegant Georgian terraces with delicate wrought iron balconies, lovely independent shops like Jemima Rose and amazing, terrifying views from the Clifton Suspension Bridge. We wandered about choosing imaginary,million pound houses and eventually found the lovely Cordial and Grace cafe where the delicious savory scones and velvety chocolate brownie were the perfect cure for our damaged nerves.Thank you Maria! The cafe also hires sewing machines by the hour and runs knitting evenings;more fuel for my fantasy cafe dream…

We walked the whole way back to the halls with achy feet, managing to take in a bit of culture by visiting the “Raw Materials” exhibition featuring Ed Ruscha who I’ve always liked since my dad sent me one of his postcards. So, hopefully as I write, my daughter is out re-discovering her inner student after 3 months living at home with only her old mum for company.Bristol looks like it might be a great place to be.

Meanwhile, I returned to Witchmountain. As I approached the house there was a rainbow emerging from the chimney and the air was damp and green.I wanted to roll in the grass and wriggle my toes in the earth.The sunflowers are just coming out and everything is lush and overgrown; on the edge of Autumn.

So today I was up early, full of ideas and too many things I wanted to do.Flinging open the window and resisting the urge to shout “Kim of Witchmountain” like Anne of Green Gables. Bags have been listed on Etsy, new things on From the Wilde and the man at the Post Office thought he might order a bag for his grand-daughter! I’ve been making some lavender eye pillows for people at yoga as well as working on another little shoulder bag.

Anyway, remember a while ago I was moaning on about Facebook? Well on my return I discovered that my original goal of 500 followers had been reached without begging or blackmail.Hurray ,can you all give me a pound?… only kidding! To celebrate and say THANK YOU  I am going to giveaway a lavender pillow and a signed original lino print to someone who leaves a comment on this post before September 21st or if you’re on Facebook “like” the post. 

Thank you… and good luck new students! x














11 responses to “In To The West

  1. Ooh I remember my mum sobbing away when I went off to uni, but I think she’s glad for the piece and quiet now! I absolutely adore your work and would love love love to win! *crosses fingers and toes and runs away to search for a rabbits foot or four leaf clover!*

  2. Oh that brought back a few memories from my travels! Bristol is a lovely place. x

  3. Kim, your posts are always such a pleasure to read. Always optimistic even those tinged with sadness or frustration. Witch mountain is surly w order full place to be. Thank you. Xxx

  4. Should say wonderful. Dam auto tx. Xxxx

  5. Gorgeous images and prose. I love Bristol yet have a fear of city living, the roundabouts confuse me even without teary eyes. Your daughter is sure to have an amazing time, it is such a vibrant city. I have a favourite Deli near the Tobacco Factory worth a hunt out. Enjoy your sunflowers xxx

  6. Fabulous words as ever Kim and you’re as eloquent as you are creatively talented ….your posts and photographs always put a serene smile on my face! xx

  7. I had a lovely day with you!! Miss you loads! 🙂 XX

  8. oh, i so understand, mine are still a ways from university but leaving at preschool was enough to pull on my heart in so many ways. never knew the ways my heart would stretch to its edges with motherhood. it is mysterious, magical, blissful and heartbreaking all in one. sending love, friend. xx

  9. Such a lovely post, Kim. All parents leaving their children at university for the first time should read it. I’ve taken my daughter to Paris, and I’m taking my son to Wales at the end of the week. Then the nest really will be empty.

  10. I found it hard enough when my littlest one started secondary this September! Goodness knows what I’ll be like come leaving home time…. Hope you have a very productive autumn x

  11. So much going on….. The rainbow, a reassurance that all is well. I do believe you keep doing what you are doing, and the work of Witchmountain will be spead. But feel free to shout it out the window. I bet it would feel GREAT! xx Sandy

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