Clouds and Shadows

It has become Autumn and no amount of Indian Summer sunshine can hide the fact that everything is changing colour and the air smells different. All my good intentions to get fit over the summer…swimming, walking, climbing and surviving on nothing but green tea and quinoa, have fallen by the wayside.It has become necessary to get on my bike and drag myself up the hill and back in order to justify all that toast and butter and all the comfort food I intend to eat during my winter hibernation.

Its been a good week for clouds here. I actually had to stop the car several times on the way to the village on Tuesday, even though I was late,to try and capture them with my silly phone camera. They were breathtaking and I did find myself saying “wow look at those!” out loud, even though I was on my own and no one but sheep could hear me. I quite like this grainy picture… heaps of mashed potato clouds, bubbling up on the horizon. It looks like a still from a film, I wonder what the story is…

I did a lot of experimenting and playing this week, coming up with some new brooch designs as well as trying out some printed designs on leather off-cuts.This is part of my problem…I have so many ideas and things I want to try out, when really I guess I should have a more structured approach that would mean I had loads of stock to take round galleries and shops; a production line is needed, or maybe some elves. Anyway, you can buy these sweet little brooches here and I will be having a Sample Sale soon on Facebook.

Meanwhile my exhibition at the Dutch House ended last week and I have collected my work, exchanging it for cushions and bags ,like the new one below, which will now be for sale in the cafe/gallery there. It really is a lovely place, you should visit if you’re ever in the area. Now the moment you’ve been waiting for. I’ve written all the names on pieces of paper, folded them and put them in an origami box, made from a pattern in Ohcomely Magazine ….I shall dip in with my left hand , while cleverly typing with my right…and the winner of my celebratory 500 giveaway is…Kat Lakie. Congratulations ( send me a message with your postal address ).Thank you so much to everybody who entered, left lovely comments and “liked” the dreaded Facebook Page, you are all very treasured. Now, I must drink more Rose Garden tea and rest because it’s the Autumn Fair at the Walled Garden tomorrow and there will be hoards of people demanding cake and delicious vegetarian lunches.

ps. Happy Autumn Equinox.

3 responses to “Clouds and Shadows

  1. Ahh lucky lady! Next time… Also I am loving your brooches, but I think I have said that before 🙂

  2. yes lucky lady indeed! everything is looking so wonderful kim!

  3. LOL how wonderful, I won! It’s so funny, I forget entering (it’s been a bit mad around my house lately) and I’m so happy to get this lovely surprise! Thank you so much, I’ll message you now! xoxo Kat

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