“Where will we be When the summer’s gone?”

October already and I’ve noticed that everybody seems to be sighing with relief that the “summer which never arrived” is definitely not going to arrive now and we can all enjoy Autumn without any fear that it won’t live up to expectations. Facebook and Twitter were full of people posting about baking and comfort cooking last week ;when it rained so much the schools closed and villages around here were cut off by flood water.The trees are slowly turning golden and some primal instinct seems to be making us want to do cozy stuff like making chutney, start knitting projects that will lurk about ,half done, for years and bake …lots of baking.Its not just old hermits like me, the young folk are at it too; friends in their twenties brandishing balls of wool and fresh from the oven fairy cakes.

So, I’m writing this from my usual spot on the kitchen bench, watching the most amazing floating pink island of a cloud make its way across a rapidly darkening sky. Its wild and windy and I’m feeling very smug and rustic because today I made cheese for the first time!I had tried some fresh cheese at the weekend, made by a young man who works at Moro and he gave me this very simple recipe :  Take a 500g tub of plain yoghurt ( good quality Greek works well) , mix with salt ( to taste) and any other flavourings you choose ( I used chives, flat leaved parsley and thyme from the garden but you could add garlic, lemon, black pepper…) and then spoon into a muslin bag and leave to hang over a bowl overnight. In the morning the bowl will be full of liquid and the bag will be full of delicious soft cheese that needs you to spread it thickly on hot buttered bagels, mmmmm.    


Before you start to worry that this has become a substandard version of Mrs Beeton or Martha Stewart, don’t worry, I’m still making inedible things too and as usual agonizing over the whole marketing/pricing thing.This time of year, when the cafe job ends, always sends me in to a panic because it is only then that I really need to look at my work in a dispassionate way and ask myself some tough questions. Anyway,as someone who can’t blow her own tin whistle let alone a trumpet I have to say, these are some of the nicest things I’ve made yet. Its been fun getting the kitchen covered in screen printing ink and finding an beautiful way to  use my great grandma’s blanket!


Both these bags are in my Etsy shop at the moment but not for long because if they don’t sell within a couple of weeks my next idea is to send them as samples to some of the lovely new magazines that are around at the moment ( The Simple Things, Oh Comely, Mollie Makes…) Now for some cake…



If you look at it a certain way the cake appears to have a rather cheeky expression …oh dear, I have been on the moors too long! Its a good job I have booked my train tickets and will be visiting London in two weeks time, to be reunited with my Sketchbook Project book.It has been all around the USA and visited Canada too ( have a look at my books and you can see that this is significant) and this will be my last opportunity to see it and look at some of the other amazing sketchbooks before they head back to New York.

Well, time has slipped away as usual, the pink cloud disappeared long ago and I even have different coloured hair from when I started writing this , thanks to my lovely friend Becca.I’m desperate to get back to some sewing so I’ll leave you with these beautiful purples from the Walled Garden and some work in progress…



4 responses to ““Where will we be When the summer’s gone?”

  1. you’re making me homesick 😦 I want homemade cheese and cakes and cosy fires. not noodles plain pasta and Tesco value bread. looking forward to seeing you x

  2. Another fine Blog entry Kim and I can’t wait to try the cheese recipe! Your garden is still looking fabulous and I’m enjoyihg the start of autumn down here in Sussex and the trees are changing dramatically from morning to evening…although like you I’ve still got some sweetpeas in the garden and other hangers on from summer.

  3. I’m having an early morning read Kim and that was as good a short story as any book. So a massive thank you for writing it. Firstly because I normally can’t eat cheese as it gives me migraine (so does citrus, chocolate & coffee) but seeing your recipe I’m sure I could try that without fear of a bad head.
    Secondly because I am going to see the Sketchbook Project too. Let me know what day you are visiting it and we can meet up.
    Lynn x

    • Ooh, I sympathize with the migraine thing, they are pure evil, especially if you have to resist cheese and coffee! I’m going either Friday 12th or Saturday 13th what about you? x

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