Its one of those lovely Autumn days which is making the choice between being inside or out very difficult.I’ve just come in from chopping some wood and I thought I’d keep myself warm with the Macbook for a while because those logs are strictly rationed…yes cutting wood does warm you twice but that’s not the point, its hard work and even the sheep were wondering why I didn’t just drive to the garage and buy a net bag full..or at least get a new blade for the bow saw.

Its nearly the end of the season at Helmsley Walled Garden but it still looks beautiful.This amazing display of pumpkins and gourds had been set up in the cafe when I arrived for work yesterday and I took home a tiny bunch of delicious strawberry grapes (Vitis vinifera “Fragola”) which are pale pink and taste sweet as honey,with a subtle strawberryish flavour.I’m wondering if it would be possible to grow them here without a greenhouse, I may have to write to Bob Flowerdew!  Meanwhile, indoors and inspired, I’ve been making lots of new bags which involved using the kitchen floor as a screen printing table and making an ironing board out of a plank and a blanket, balanced over the oven ( remembering not to accidentally turn one of the rings on) .Here is the bear design I showed you last time, complete with compass to help him find his way home…

I’m so pleased with the results that I haven’t decided what to do with them yet…list on Etsy where they will instantly get lost in the crowd or take the plunge and send them off to magazine editors in the hope of a publicity breakthrough?

I’ve also perfected my purse making skills, learning how to cover zip ends which looks much neater and is easier to sew and playing with the free machine embroidery which is what I originally bought the Bernina for.I’m having lots of fun anyway. I must admit the job search has been a bit soul destroying; so far I’ve been interviewed for “graduate jobs” that disappeared from the website, mysteriously mutating into apprenticeships (for 16-25 year olds…ie:saddly not me!) and spent hours preparing images for an embroidery design job, advertised on Twitter as being in the North East that turned out to be unpaid internships in Brighton!

Right, I’m going to make another coffee and then see if there is anymore blanket left to do some printing. If you look at the kitchen floor in a certain light you can see foxes and magpies and messages about mad excess; yes I should mop more often but where’s the fun in that.

Don’t forget the Sketchbook Project in London…if anyone wants to see the original of some of my designs  get yourselves along to the Canada Water Library and ask for 174L.2-4 “Fears and Tears” I thought it would be interesting to run a little competition so if you take a photograph of yourself  with my book I’ll enter you in a draw to win a special prize. Upload the picture to my Facebook page or e-mail via

Also in London next weekend there is a demo to Save Cork Street. A developer is planning to demolish part of this street of art galleries ,which has historically been the heart of the art world in London, to build appartments. My father has been with the Bernard Jacobson Gallery on Cork Street for over 40 years so I thought I’d better go and show my support…I expect it will be quite a civilized demo…Saturday October 13th at mid day outside “Native Land” offices on Cork Street.See you there?

I hope you’re enjoying a beautiful and colourful weekend. Here is that odd purple and yellow colour scheme again. Thank you for reading my ramblings x



3 responses to “Gathering

  1. Don’t worry, Kim, we love your ramblings, and your photos. Have a lovely weekend, and don’t get cold now you have stopped sawing wood! Have signed the Cork Street petition, too. God bless x

  2. I will be sure to check out your sketchbook Kim along with my own and a few others. Can’t wait.
    Lynn 🙂

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