A Reunion With The Well Travelled Sketchbook

The wanderer returns to Witchmountain.Yes, I have returned to my kitchen bench and wood-burning stove with the kind of nostalgic, jet-lag I always feel when returning from London.Visiting the city I am almost physically assaulted by memories, in sights, sounds and smells. It used to be home a long time ago, but Witchmountain is too magical to leave for long…

So, on Friday,I packed my bag ( not this battered old thing but my trusty Milican backpack) and got up before it was light, to get the early train.By 8am I was propped up in my seat like a zombie,reading Paul Theroux’s “Kingdom by the Sea” and wondering how the group of loud,overexcited women further down the carriage could be so awake at such an un-godly hour. I am becoming so used to quiet and solitude that my tolerance levels are low. I read about Mr Theroux’s train journey to Cape Wrath as we sped South.

The Sketchbook Project was happening in the Canada Water Library. We met friends there and it was exciting to be re-united , briefly, with my well traveled book. I wish I had taken more photographs but I felt flustered, having forgotten the list of other artists who’s books I’d wanted to see. The process of getting a library card and then searching and checking out the books was a little clunky  and there was only one computer which slowed things down…luckily ( or not) there were not many people there and while I enjoyed myself and saw some lovely books I felt it was all a bit anti-climactic.The lovely people from the Art House Co-op had come such a long way and the participants had put in so much effort that it seemed there should have been more publicity, more atmosphere and more people!

I read this account by Jane Housham and thought I’d share the link as she took some great photos and had a similar experience. Don’t be put off though, its on until the 19th of October so if you’re in London go and take a look…and don’t forget to say hello to my book.There is still a chance you could win a print if you take a picture of yourself with it, like my mug shot here! There is still a month left to sign up for next year’s tour as well.

Anyway, I have returned to the North, having filled my eyes with a feast of visual delights, from the stunning jewellery room in the V&A to the RED things in the Conran Shop, the seedy joys of Brick lane and Columbia Road and the bohemian Chelsea Arts Club where I would love to spend my days drinking Absinthe, smoking cigars in the garden and meeting unusual people.

Before I went to London I had a bit of a nightmare with my website; it needed some updating and the consensus seemed to be that people didn’t know how, or where, to buy my work. I hope the links and information are more clear now…let me know what you think. www.witchmountain.co.uk

Its been a hectic morning ,with logs delivered in a howling gale and a kitchen full of neighbours drinking tea and discussing mice after re-routing my water supply in the pouring rain. I can’t wait to press the publish button and get on with some work!

Here is Toast with some information….

Reading:- ” Me Talk Pretty One Day” David Sedaris
Listening To:- The howling wind and the logs crackling on the stove. On Thursday I’ll be listening to “Reverend and the Makers” in Leeds.

4 responses to “A Reunion With The Well Travelled Sketchbook

  1. Thanks for the link to my blog. I’m from North Yorkshire too — miss it like mad and have been enjoying your Instagram photos on your website. Jane

  2. jayne hewison textile designer

    What a lovely post, I enjoyed reading it kim. Nice to put a face to your name and to It is always great to visit London but also so lovely to go home to our familiar surroundings. Autumn is here, my woodburner is crackling away too. Candles lit, the nicest things about the weather changing. jayne x

  3. Ahrrh ! London! Used to be my home too – exciting exhilarating vibrant thr illing buzzin amazing stimulating heady bohemian and that was the first weekend ! Now? I need three months of intensive physical training to manage one exhibition ! And I come home feeling like a dog-earred rag book

  4. What a great entry. You really need to publish your blog! How about us starting our own North Yorkshire Chelsea Art Club. I have an unopened bottle of Absinthe and a pack of cigars.

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