Climbing the Learning Curve

Dear readers I have completed my first week of the 9 to 5 lifestyle and ,while I have made a lot of noise about early mornings and tired eyes, I can report that so far I am loving it. I am determined not to let my own work take too much of a back seat though, so I’m going to have a go at a competition on the wonderful Front Row Society website. I first heard of this after the print technician at CCAD, Vicky Graham, won with one of her designs a few months ago.I think my designs might be a bit too illustrative for their style but it’s all good practice.

I feel as though I haven’t seen Witchmountain in daylight for ages, now that the clocks have changed and it is impossible to photograph things properly indoors in the evening.This is on my list of things to do tomorrow, if the sun shines, so that I can list everything on Etsy and From the Wilde .

Talking of photography…I am hastily doing a crash course with the help of a free,eerily well timed, booklet in the Guardian this evening! This is partly inspired by working in the gallery where we are expected to have some basic knowledge other than Instagram (!) and the ability to answer technical questions about Joe Cornish‘s work, the cameras he uses and so on. I’m really looking forward to our training session with him next week …although I hope it doesn’t put me off trying to take pictures with my camera phone!

This is the big event at the gallery next week and there is a lovely story behind it. The artist Len Tabner is famous for painting his large canvasses on site, lashed to the mast of a fishing boat or battered by northern rain, however he recently hurt his arm and was unable to carry all his equipment.Len enlisted the help of the Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team, promising that if they carried his things to a remote location he would use the proceeds from the resulting work to raise funds for the team!Here he is at work….

Len Tabner then collaborated with Joe Cornish to make a set of limited edition digital prints, with all the proceeds going to Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team. This image doesn’t really do it justice as I saw it arrive yesterday and it’s pretty huge.

So, its all quite exciting and its lovely to be involved and learning and finally making use of more than my ability to carry a tray or pull a pint! I’m sure there must be more that I was going to write about but I think it’s time for a drop more coffee and another log on the fire.


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