Monochrome With a Splash of Red

Fog is ebbing and flowing about Witchmountain today and, as predicted, I am feeling dissatisfied with my photography skills since our staff training talk with Mr Cornish! I wanted to show you the lake of mist that I can see in the valley below the house but it never looks as good as it does in real life and anyway, as soon as I came inside everything became even more dramatic and the moment was lost.I don’t think it’s impossible to take a fabulous picture with a phone camera, it’s just that it often seems to be a happy accident, it my case anyway.

It’s been a fun week, with loads of new people to meet and more conversations than I usually have in a month.Sometimes in the winter I’ve had weeks when I’ve hardly seen or spoken to a soul and I’ve always enjoyed the snowed- in times of solitude, when I could go all introspective,huddle by the stove with over-brewed coffee and usually come up with some new work. I’m still new fangled with this “going out to work”  lark so I need to calm down and find time and space to imagine myself into that state …perhaps a new sketchbook and rationed internet use is the answer!

Last weekend I managed to photograph some things for Etsy but a week later I still haven’t listed them so that’s my next task today.

It’s quiet,with just the sound of logs crackling on the stove , the whirring of the MacBook  and the occasional muffled gunshot from the grouse shooters on the moor. Fog has made everything monochrome and soft and I took a turn around the garden for the good of my health this morning , like a Jane Austin character; breathing in the  delicious smell of leaf mold and woodsmoke.Except I was suffering a lethal hangover after celebrating my friend Crispin’s new appointment as a butler…yes these things happen in real life here and there is more drama in a weekend in Osmotherley than a whole episode of Downton Abbey. Good luck Crispin.

Here is a rare splash of colour and the hope that you’re all enjoying early winter where ever you are and a belated Happy Thanksgiving to Witchmountain’s friends in the USA. x

Reading:- ” The Hare With Amber Eyes” Edmund de Waal  and this fantastic blog post   about wool.                                                                                                      Listening To:- Nothing because my amp caught fire.


One response to “Monochrome With a Splash of Red

  1. What a lovely page you have written today Kim and what a wonderful parcel of goodies arrived for me this week.
    Its good to know you’ve enjoyed your time at work and your time at home now must be even more precious than before. Enjoy all you are doing.
    Thanks again for my Witchmountain goodies.
    Lynn xx

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