“Not everyone can carry the weight of the world”


The sun set on New Year’s Day 2013 after a day full of rare sunshine on Witchmountain. We’re back on the upswing to light and Spring and fresh starts; crisp new diary pages, notebooks and calendars waiting to be filled and resolutions to resolve…

*draw more  *do some pinhole photography  *be outside more  *start playing my mandolin again  *drink more whiskey  *keep in touch with friends 

I had a lovely “festive season” despite the dreaded Christmas cold and the fact that the heating boiler keeps blowing out. It’s particularly important that the house is warm at the moment because Father Christmas delivered a small creature …one who strongly resembles the picture above…!


In fact I uploaded the pictures for this post and then realised they made quite a good mood board by accident…yes, my new little friend is a two year old Horsfield tortoise who fits in the palm of my hand and has a passion for rocket leaves and sunbathing under a lightbulb.


I have been searching for names and remembering the children’s book by Micheal Bond “Olga da Polga” which our teacher read out loud to us at school, while my dad recommended “À Rebours” which features a tragic tortoise encrusted with jewels (bad choice Daddy!).Then there are all the stories of tortoises and turtles carrying the universe on their backs… It turns out that tortoises are almost as prolific as bears when it comes to inspiring myth, legend and literature and better still I managed to find a moment to be inspired by the little creature myself….


It was a first attempt in a stolen moment between cooking and washing and going to work but already I want to take a month off and self indulgently,explore tortoisey possibilities with print and stitch and jewels.If only I was a student again or that there were more hours in each day or I was a more energetic type of person!


So, as the first week in January slips away I am resolving to make time for my own work and reading “Deep Country, 5 Years in the Welsh Hills” by Neil Ansell which I first heard on the radio in the winter of 2010 , wrapped in a blanket by the stove surrounded by deep snow and ice and the sensation of being alone and safe in my nest. It takes me back to those days of solitude and reminds me how important it is to be alone occasionally. I’m sure I heard someone on the radio this Christmas claim that solitude, freely chosen, was one of the luxuries of modern life ( choice being the important word ). However, I’m very pleased you have chosen to read my ramblings, and don’t take me at my word, I love your company :- virtual, distant, near and far, friends and occasional readers; Happy 2013.

“We called him Tortoise because he taught us.”
– Lewis Carroll


5 responses to ““Not everyone can carry the weight of the world”


  2. I don’t read many blogs, but yours entertains me and I look forward to hearing about life on Witchmountain. Love your new little companion….in my house he would end up being called “Torty” like my Tortoiseshell cat Ninja, she often gets “Torty”.
    Happy New Year Kim, may it contain all good things for you.

  3. Happy new tortoise! He is gorgeous 🙂 Thanks for the recommendation about Neil Ansell, this book looks right up my street. Loving your blog as always x

  4. how adorable! i wonder what molly-cat would make of your new friend…
    happy new year!!

  5. I completely agree about the choice of solitude, I love to choose to spend time on my own, it feels just right sometimes.

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