Human Behaviour


Today has been almost perfect. It snowed last night,as forecast and I had planned ahead by bringing some work home with me on Friday. I still feel a little guilty for not braving the roads but for the first time I’ve probably achieved my ideal… being paid to do something useful, from home! I even got dressed properly and stayed at “my desk” without being tempted too much by the eternal excitement of slowly falling snowflakes;inconvenient it may be, but snow never ceases to be magical.


Working in a photographic gallery hasn’t improved my technical skills with the phone camera I’m afraid but I overheard Joe talking the other day and he said something about the most important starting point being the “feeling” not the method or the equipment -so that’s a relief, feeling is not something I’m short of!


So, I’m sitting here under my green blanket with the Moomin hot-water-bottle tucked up my jumper and a warm MacBook on my knee. The stove has been going all day but for some reason, perhaps the atmosphere outside, it is throwing out little heat. I’ve switched the radio off and all I can hear are various electrical hums and crackling logs. Chai tea and left over Christmas biscuits by my side, I feel happier than I have for days; like a bear in its den, shutting out the rest of the world. A nasty experience with Twitter last week (details withheld, or I would be no better than them) left me seriously questioning, not the social networking platforms specifically but the need for some people to provoke, bad-mouth others and be generally aggressive and ignorant in a public space.It’s disheartening that while you can gain so much support and inspiration from internet connections it can also serve as a wall for people to hide behind while throwing their rubbish and worse still, that this seems to be human nature.


Enough of this negative speak! My somewhat lowered mood and attack by a small “black dog” ( probably just a miniature poodle rather than an actual hound of hell) seemed to spur me in to creative action and I found myself scribbling on the back of envelopes, dripping ink and drawing  bears at half past three in the morning. This makes me wonder about the link between some sort of inner turmoil and the need to create, since there is no doubt that I have been drawing less since I became fat and contented!( This is not said to tempt fate!)


Some of the quick doodles that people have reacted to with the most positive comments  have been done when I’m in the worst kind of mood…What do you think? I’m probably talking rubbish and feeding the myth of unbalanced, over emotional “arty” types? Right, I’m off to drink some Absinthe and smoke a few Gauloise while I wash my smock and beret! I hope you’re keeping warm where ever you are.


I will be giving away a print of this bear when I reach 600 “likes” on Facebook. No rush.

Listening To: “In Search of Peter Pan” Kate Bush ,for the line …” she tells me I’m too sensitive; it makes me sad.”
Reading: Not quite yet but I’m looking forward to reading “East of the Sun, West of the Moon” illustrated by Jackie Morris. Look here for a very,very special prize draw!                                                                                                                         Watching :   Moominland Tales: The Life of Tove Jansson.



7 responses to “Human Behaviour

  1. Your work, photos and words continue to be an inspiration to me xx

  2. Karen (Kettle of Fish)

    Lovely post, beautiful snow pics, and I love the ‘Hardship and its virtues’ drawing. K x

  3. Where do I click ?- can I click 600 times ? can I offer hand knitted socks ? and a jar of marmelade that’s brewing now?
    Your drawings are beautiful …and your photos stunning …..even with ‘old film technology your images are good….

  4. DO NOT let them get you down – anyone who feels the necessity to say nasty and negative things must be simply frustrated at their own lack of creativity/success and are probably very envious of you and your achievements. Just believe in yourself, nobody else’s opinion matters. Really enjoying the tortoise themed images. Keep up the amazing work.

    • Actually I was only trying to get a list of Joe Cornish, Artist Proofs emailed to me, so I could decide wether to spend many hundreds of pounds with the gallery. Rather than drive for 2 plus hours to find out if they were selling what I was interested in

      As a serious art photography buyer I don’t consider this a unreasonable request. For clarity there were probably less than 20 artist proof photos for sale during the sale.

      My “aggression” if indeed it was that was to call the “gallery” twitter account arrogant for suggesting I drive there on the off chance they have what I wanted.

      To put it in perspective how serious I am about photographic art, my last purchase of a single photograph entailed me travelling from Northumberland to London, staying overnight and spending £2k on one print in a mount… I am no “black dog” or a “poodle”

      One day you may all realise the world doesn’t revolve around you…. You merely take a wage and represent a commercial organisation. I was merely trying to spend my own money which would have helped to keep,the gallery in profit, this employing people. At some point in the future I may have made a profit out of it… But that was all my concern was… Such a pity you couldn’t see past your busy ness and personal reaction.

      My harshness was in no way routed in a lack of personal creativity, neither do I hold an opinion of my own ability as to that…

      It was purely driven by the desire to make a commercial purchase with a commercial organisation… Well done WitchMountain for preventing that.

      I’m quite sure you won’t publish this truth, but i will offer a compromise, you publish this and I will publish your requested apology


      • Dear Mr Breen,
        Thank you for this comment and for taking the time to track me down and read my, personal, blog. As you point out I merely work for the gallery and try to do my best for them and for their customers.
        On the occasion in question I put myself in the line of fire because you had failed to respond to a polite e-mail from the gallery explaining the situation and instead chose to carry on a puplic “conversation”,over a weekend, which, I felt, maligned my workplace and its employees without any thought as to how that might be perceived or its potential consequences.I realise that I should have just ignored you but out of a sense of loyalty to my employers I tried to answer some of your complaints from my personal account and suggested you call or e-mail the gallery for more details ,after the weekend. I would like to repeat this :- my blog is MY personal space and has nothing to do with the gallery, which you have never e-mailed or called directly,as far as I’m aware,though doing so is the best way of getting the detailed answers you require.Unless you fancy spending your obviously considerable disposable income on some of my work, or that of my friends and kind blog readers, may I politely suggest you continue this conversation with my employers?
        Very best wishes,
        ps: I’m sure you are aware that my use of the term “black dog” refers to Winston Churchill, who used it as a metaphor for his bouts of depression and in no way implies that you are, were or have ever been, a poodle. Perhaps you may find this link educational…

  5. Kim, I love your photos, I love your drawings, and I love your music taste! I had a similar experience on Twitter before Christmas which had me momentarily contemplating ditching the whole social networking thing. I didn’t; but I have become rather more circumspect about it, and many of the people who inhabit that world. That said, there is much positivity out there too, and support.

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