Here we are again.


I seem to begin every post with surprise at how quickly time has passed since I last wrote. This time I looked back at previous March writings and felt an even bigger jolt as I compared notes and re-evaluated how I had felt, what I had hoped for and where I am now. Mostly what I learned was that this time last year the daffodils were already out and the curlews had returned, that fresh air does you good and that March, for me, is a time of soaring highs and crushing lows.


This weekend I have definitely had my fair share of fresh air and exercise, with a much needed escape to the Lakes  yesterday and a day in the garden today, doing all the jobs I should have done in November. Goodness, it feels good to stand on the top of something tall that you’ve climbed up! We even had time to visit the Heaton Cooper Studio where I spent a fortune on two bottles of ink and a paint brush, justifying the expense by telling myself I would be inspired by my trip and would have a burning desire to draw things with bright blue ink. I’ve mentioned before the amazing selection of art materials in this tiny shop, including the most gorgeous boxes of water colours and pastels, blue squirrel brushes and inks made from natural pigments such as walnut and elderberry.


When I got back to civilization I was amazed to see that I had suddenly been “liked” by loads of new people on Facebook after my page was kindly shared by “Love and Buttons“. This surge of interest, as well as a commission resulting from a previous post, has made me keen to make some new work and stop devoting all my waking (and sometimes sleeping) hours to worrying about my day job. At least I feel as though I’m learning a lot from being at the gallery and the program of workshops that I’m organizing seems to be coming together, fingers crossed! I’m also really pleased to have been able to work with people I knew from CCAD to get their work in to the shop, Lauren Cherice‘s screen printed bags and kits have started selling already and it really makes my day when people chose to buy from a designer maker…it gives me hope!


My apologies for not sending out prints to the winners of the last giveaway yet, I’ve actually given them to the gallery’s framer to mount properly; which was extravagant but I thought they deserved it.Hopefully they’ll be back this week and in the post to you. One of the winners, Michelle from Elephantattic, also has her work in the New Beginnings exhibition which is on until April at Dacre Banks near Harrogate.


Soon it will be time for me to curl up like this fox and prepare for another working week. Until then I will be doing bright blue drawings, eating biscuits and waiting for Guy Garvey to play some tunes to serenade me in the bath (6music 10pm). Have a great week and enjoy the slow, teasing arrival of spring.

Reading:- “There But For The” Ali Smith   Listening To :- Birds getting all loved up and noisy in the garden. Neil Young on repeat. Looking At :- An exhibition by Claire A Baker opens in Hartlepool next week and is not to be missed, her work is always stunning and her attention to detail is enough to make me want to donate my embroidery stuff to a charity shop! Have a look…see what I mean.





2 responses to “Here we are again.

  1. Another enjoyable post from you Kim. I’ve signed up as a ‘follower’ because if I miss your post on FB I’ll miss out on your news and I always like reading what’s going on at Witchmountain.

  2. thought I’d stop by & see how you’re doing .. what a fabulous climb!!! I love that photo .. it’s like you’re on top of the world.
    Have a most wonderful day!

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