“How can the bird that is born for joy…”


This week the long awaited curlews returned to the moor. Getting home from work in the rain and fumbling with my key in the lock, I was stopped short by the mournful, undulating song of the bird that, more than any other, symbolizes spring on Witchmountain. Suddenly the drizzle didn’t seem so depressing, I stood there smiling,getting wet and breathing in the warm damp air. Well, March is cruel and likes to tease, so today I turned my back for a moment only to look out of the window and see huge flakes of snow, falling fast and in time to the music on the radio! The world was soon blanketed again, leaving my “spring cleaned” rugs gathering a covering of snow where I had hung them on the line earlier. I’ve left them there and retreated to the kitchen to bake a chocolate cake and try to remember what sunshine felt like.


It’s been nearly six months now since I started working at the gallery and if anyone is still reading this blog it will be a miracle!Posts are becoming few and far between and I still haven’t achieved the balance between my own work and payed work that would be ideal. I am learning a lot about the realities of selling work however … record keeping, VAT rates, trying to display things properly. This week I decided to try one last time with some new necklaces I’ve been making… just for fun…well, they will fill a gap in the shop until some new stock comes in.


One of the best things about being in the gallery is when new things arrive and it’s been so exciting to get this little display together from three of the people who are also running workshop days. Muddy Fingers Pottery, Hunt and Gather Designs and Jenny Pepper Felt all make beautiful work which it is a genuine pleasure to talk to customers about. I really hope their workshops are a success for all our sakes!!


Now I’m going to take a look outside and see what has become of the world. Tomorrow I bet this sudden snowstorm will have melted away leaving nothing but a slightly stressful drive to work. Meanwhile I’m going to look for something good on the radio, make a pot of tea and daydream about the day when I have my own little gallery with coffee on the Sweetheart stove and a garden full of birds. Here is a link to my Pinterest page where you can see the shape my daydream is taking!

Reading :- “Waiting for Sunrise” William Boyd  Listening To :- birdsong


3 responses to ““How can the bird that is born for joy…”

  1. What a lovely post! It sounds idyllic – tea and cake the perfect antidote to inclement weather! The pendants are beautiful. I hope to see them in the flesh one day soon: must make it up to the Joe Cornish Gallery! 🙂

  2. I’m still reading………lol……..we are just heading into Autumn after weeks and weeks (literally) of rain to bring summer officially to an end…….and you are waiting for Spring…….it’s quite lovely to be connected to both seasons at the same time, they are my favorites Autumn and Spring.

    On Mon, Mar 18, 2013 at 9:29 AM, Witchmounta

  3. i am still checking in and reading too:)
    but like you, i have so neglected my blog…internet world at that…too much going on. i love that you put you beautiful work in the gallery good choice they are lucky to have you!
    xoxo katy

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