Last weekend it was Easter and the clocks changed, so all of a sudden the fact that it is not yet spring became more obvious because you could actually SEE the wintery proof on the drive home from work. It’s been winter since the beginning of time but today the sun came out, in a clear blue sky and it shone with some real warmth… so warm that Mr Tortoise came out to help me in the garden.The poor old cat  was amazed and once again regretted eating the things it found on the floor after a particularly wild party years ago… is that stone talking to me?!


It felt so good to be outside, there was something very sweet in the air (willow pollen perhaps?) and small discoveries made with every handful of dried leaves and dead foliage removed…”ah, so you survived Snake’s Head Fritilary?”,  “Happy April Pasque Flower”. Meanwhile the tortoise found a rabbit’s jawbone on the lawn and began to eat it in a way that made me glad he’s only the size of a small cheese pasty.


I’ve been so sleepy after work lately that creativity had really taken a back seat until I frightened myself by deciding to rent some wall space in the Joe Cornish Gallery, along with Jane Thorniley-Walker. It was a spur of the moment thing, partly to help get the new “Long Gallery” looking ready for it’s opening day. Imagine my surprise when both Jane and I sold work on the first day, and in such illustrious company ! The piece I sold was a cyanotype which I still enjoy experimenting with, although I’ve got a lot to learn and my methods are haphazard.


I felt encouraged and finally got around to making a start on a cushion that someone commissioned months ago and made some tiny bird and feather prints,  with stitch,  that may or may not make it to the gallery.


Anyway, here is part of our section in the Long Gallery…Jane’s mosaic owl looks perfect. The wonderful black and white work on the far wall is by photographer Neil Bage and you can also see work by Lizzie Shepherd, Prints For Arts Sake and Mark Banks in this room.


Now I must tend to my battered hands which resemble the tortoise’s legs and sting from pulling up nettles with bare fingers (gloves never work do they), I may seal them in plastic bags full of hand cream! Here is a message to those of you on Facebook… my brother and I have recently got the password for my daddy’s page ( from his gallery) and are now in charge of running it. We’re building it up steadily and it would be great if you could go and take a look…like, share and all that stuff. Thank you and I hope spring has sprung where you are. x




2 responses to “Emerging

  1. It’s lovely to see Spring (however slowly) returning to your world while mine faces Winter. Your tortoise chewing a rabbits head and your description gave me the creeps……I’m glad he’s only small. Your works look lovely in that gallery, it’s a great space and love that owl too, you are in good company there.

    Went and checked out your Dad’s page, loved his vision of Spain and the watercolours, I am trying for that lovely fluid run of colour, I have a long way to go. Warm greetings from the other side of the world. xx

    • Thanks for looking at my dad’s page Kat, he lived in Australia ( Melbourne) for a while in the 80’s when he was artist in residence at the university.I forgot to point out that the rabbit bones were from one that the cat caught…in case you thought it was a bit goulish! I guess he needed some calcium in his diet, they like cuttle fish apparently. Lots of love from the Northern hemisphere!

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