A glass half full…


I have retreated indoors with my sunburned legs and grass stained knees to catch up with some writing and to eat melted cheese. This weekend has seemed like a gift especially wrapped and presented on an embroidered cushion; after a week of stress, mounting panic, rain, hail and occasional hill snow. In the end Joe Cornish’s talk and exhibition went well, the cafe opened on time and Angela James’s bookbinding workshop was a success ( nobody has yet died due to my cherry and almond cake at least). The sense of relief was fantastic on Friday night when the mayor of Northallerton came to open the new gallery cafe and no one would have believed what chaos it had been just a few days/hours earlier. The whole process has made me want to have my own place more than ever, I’ve become slightly obsessed with the coffee machine and am determined to learn how to make Latte Art before I overdose on caffeine.


So we left the gallery late, after making a million cups of coffee and, slightly drunk on red wine, returned to Witchmountain for three whole days of blissful escape from work. I must have needed to unwind because I slept most of Saturday and awoke on the garden bench with lobster legs and one red arm…fool; luckily I had protected my nose. I never stop being amazed at how lucky I am to live here; looking out now the sky is utterly cloudless with golden light on the still bare oak tree. Swallows are swooping and curlews calling, while in the pond (Belfast sink) Mr Newty Newton has returned to spend the summer under a lily pad…how did he get there and where are his family? I will do newt research as soon as I’ve posted this…


I went to Art in the Shed today and ate heart shaped shortbread in Jane Thorniley-Walker’s lovely garden. The exhibition looks better than ever this year and has such a relaxed atmosphere, I could have stayed all day, except I had a shiny new lawnmower in the boot of the car and a jungle to tackle. I’m really pleased with the way my work looked in the end as I really had thought I would have nothing to show. Jane had made some lovely new mosaics and paintings, Lindsey Murray had brightly painted canvasses and printed textiles inspired by her time in Africa while Angela James had some beautiful delicate etchings.


Goodness, writing this is making me sleepy again and the trouble with writing less often is that I have so much I want to say but have to miss half of it out for fear of sending YOU to sleep! I think I must make a little space in the week to sit and write, even if the posts are shorter. I met a real writer last week when I visited my dad‘s studio.He is working towards some big exhibitions this Autumn and John Yau is a poet and writer who was visiting to prepare for a piece he’s going to write for the exhibition catalogue. It was lovely to meet him and to have the excuse to take a few sneaky pictures of the studio. I will leave you with this view of the bookshelf, with postcard inspiration, and see if I can find some more aftersun…



2 responses to “A glass half full…

  1. Kim, you will never send me to sleep, I love reading your blog so much. I am certain many others feel the same as I do! 🙂 Keep strong and keep producing all the amazing art x

  2. Your posts don’t put me to sleep…rather, they inspire and encourage me on my journey into art in all it’s forms. Hope that sunburn heals well.

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