Protest and survive


Here is a little late night blog post created with the help of chamomile tea rather than coffee, because it’s late and I really need a good night’s sleep. I’ve had such a busy few days and keep forgetting to drink water which means I’ve been headachey and shriveled and resentful. However, today was saved by the fact that although I had to work on a rare sunny Saturday, I was at work on the day when my friend Susie was doing her needlefelting workshop in the gallery. I am a very lucky person because my friends are made of pure priceless gold and Susie made my day by handing me a stripey paper bag with this person inside…


Isn’t he amazing, such expression in his beady eyes! She really is a very clever and beautiful person (and a small group of animals stayed behind at the gallery looking for new homes…). Susie’s business is called Drawn by Badgers which is very topical at the moment as today was the day that the badger cull became legal; I have friends who are dairy farmers and I’m a lifetime listener to the Archers -an English documentary about rural life ;0) – but surely this isn’t the way to solve the problem? I don’t know if it’s middle age making me angry or just that so much is happening at the moment that makes me what to shout and stamp my foot and protest. I haven’t felt like this since I was a teenager going on CND marches and Greenpeace bike rides. Today’s good news was that the anti- badger culling protest march in London got more support than the EDL , BNP hate mongerers trying to cash in on a tragic event, these attitudes make me despair.

Ok, enough soap box stuff. I’m a hippy at heart and just wonder why we can’t just be nice to each other and have a bit of respect. Naive I suppose.


I’m hoping that tomorrow the sun will shine and I will be able to make cyanotypes, smell some bluebells and watch the tortoise exploring the garden…providing I don’t just sleep all day. Simple things.


Time for bed now and sleep with no alarm set…luxury. Happy June to you.


6 responses to “Protest and survive

  1. This morning was a rare one with no alarm clock so I sympathise. I feel the same about the Badgers…what a shame to have them being culled. I’m also a fan of the Archers. Love the photos…that darling bear, what a cutie.

  2. Nothing naive about being good to other people. We are with you 100% on that. The cyanotype is lovely btw and the bear amazing too. Hugs from TheBigForest.

  3. just stopped by to see what’s happening in your spot in the world… my hair went on end when I read badger cull… sadly that sort of thinking goes on here with the coyotes.. {that sort of stuff reminds me of “Bambi” they say.. man is in the forest} I love your heart!

    Your work is as beautiful as ever! take care .. drink up!!

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