What if…


It’s been so long since I wrote anything that I’d almost forgotten what to do with WordPress, I found a lot of half finished posts with out of date pictures and almost decided to call it a day. Being indoors at work all day has made the garden and the wonderful summer evenings more precious and welcome than ever, while my old Mac and sketch books gathered dust in the corner ( along with the rest of the neglected house). But now seems a good moment to write; I’ve finally finished and posted the commission I started months ago and I have decisions to make …


The fist thing I have to say is “Thank you Nigel!”. Way back in January I had had a really crappy time at work after a nasty over reaction by someone on Twitter…it made me question my attitude to open-ness and sharing online and the whole thing about social networking… the ease with which it can be misused, the aggressive default setting of many users. The blog post I wrote about it prompted lots of encouraging comments but one in particular has literally kept me going these past few months. Nigel, commissioned a cushion with the Moomin quote used as the title of the January blog post and by which , I assume, he found me. The kindness of strangers! My naive faith in the beauty of open-ness and sharing were restored and though it has taken me far too long to complete the task, I don’t think I would have had the motivation were it not for the fact that I knew somebody wanted me to complete it.


The parcel was posted on Friday to the unlikely address of Orton Brimbles ( which sounds like an actor from the 1940s) and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he thinks it was worth the wait. Meanwhile not only did a cheque arrive but a beautiful little water colour of a polar bear which had been specially commissioned from one of his gardening clients, Pam Ellen… The glass is most definitely more than half full of the milk of human kindness these days


And so to decisions… I have been offered two choices at work as new contracts are prepared…one of them is part time work which would leave me short by about £70 a week and the other is to spend two days a week working in the cafe instead of the gallery …something I have spent years trying to escape. I glance down at the rings given to me by my children ” I’m an artist… not a waitress” and think I am probably about to make a crazy decision that will mean I have to eat rice for every meal and ration the hot water. Is it wrong? Is it better to be poor and happy than- still quite poor- AND with no time or self respect? We shall see what the next few weeks brings and meanwhile I will be dusting down my Etsy shop, starting a new commission and walking around the garden bear foot picking peas and raspberries.


Reading :- A box set of Inspector Morse books from a charity shop! And struggling to get in to “G” by John Berger

Listening To:- “One Life Stand” Hot Chip

7 responses to “What if…

  1. Go with ‘Happy but poor on Witchmountain’
    ask the Cosmos it’s amazing what turns up….

  2. I have missed your lovely blogposts with their mixture of wonderful photographs, beautiful artistic pieces you have created and your conversation about where you live and work. All very different from my life in a small town but your area resonates too as it’s the sort of place my husband I have visited for holidays and walked in so, good luck with your decision to go with your heart rather than your head. I’m sure you will make it work. If you haven’t come across a blog called ‘A girl called Jack ‘ please give it a go. Jack is a single mum with s delightful 3 year old boy. She feeds them both for £10 per week, creating the most amazing meals from Supermarket Basic ranges, herbs from her windowsill and ingenuity. There are some great recipes on her blog – I have tried a few myself and they are nutritious AND delicious! Please keep on creating and blogging.

  3. I’ve missed your posts and your art, which since you’ve been working has been somewhat missing……I retired 2 years ago now and lost about the same amount of money….I still miss it but I’m doing lots and lots of art and not eating rice every meal. Good luck with what ever your decision is, I’ll still be waiting to hear from Witchmountain.

  4. As always Kim, beautiful, works, beautiful photos and beautiful words… Lovely to find you here again. And for what it’s worth, I reckon you’ve made the right choice 😉 x

  5. This year I started getting divorced. I thought I may have to live in a shoebox and eat beans for the rest of my life, but at least it will be a happy shoebox. Follow your heart if you can. You are talented, and make beautiful things. What have we lost by giving it a go? X

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