A week off, an early morning and a head full of questions, decisions and deadlines. Actually I was woken at 5 am by a blinding headache and the cat singing  tunelessly outside the window, so I’ve been thinking deeply about “The Meaning of Life” and wondering if Tuesday could have been more perfect.                           The view above is from a fairy tale pool, high up on the fell side where the waterfall has created a deep basin of mirror clear icy water. Hot from climbing, we  soon grew used to the cold and it felt like the most exclusive private pool in the world with views across the mountains framed by rock and Rowan trees;  money couldn’t buy this. I wish I could describe it more perfectly… it was Waterhouse’s “Hylas and the Water Nymphs” or a poem by Yates.


The water was so clear its depth was deceiving and I couldn’t reach the bottom, though these words kept popping in to my mind…

 “Just put your feet down, child
The water is only waist high
I’ll let go of you gently
Then you can swim to me”                                                                                                          The Fog-Kate Bush

We also swam in Buttermere and Crummock Water but the dark water doesn’t feel the same, I’m not a brave swimmer and like to know what’s in the water with me!


So, home on Witchmountain and the garden is heavy with the scent of lilies,  sweet peas and purple bean flowers. Everyday I find myself hunkered down snaffling wild strawberries like a hungry bear, lost in the gorgeous scentiness of them and the memories of my Grandma’s garden. If only it were possible to live like this all the time…but I still have the work situation to sort out and it seems that the part time offer has now been withdrawn , or at least made unviable financially, and there is it seems, more pressure than ever to get me chained to the coffee machine…my lavender scones are just too damn fine! Perhaps there is still time yet to be spotted by Anthropology and asked to design a new range for them ..but hey ho, it looks like my next design will be an apron!


Today ( now that it is properly Day and not Dawn) is a little grey, so I will be able to work on this Autumnal design without the garden calling to me.


And now I’m just going to close my eyes for a moment and imagine I’m back here …


Reading :- A  magazine about coffee   Listening To:- Sycamore Sykes  “I Told the River” and Steve Mason “Lost and Found”

4 responses to “Hylas

  1. Oh that pool just took my imagination away….there were Otters living nearby and they came swimming with me. It really looks beautiful.
    Good luck with the work situation, I hope it works in your favor.

    More darling animals in print and stitch please ❤

  2. kim what a lovely post! i hope the job situation pans out. keep creating your beautiful pieces.
    xoxo katy

  3. Beautiful photographs. Saw that last one on IG earlier and thought of Hylas and the Water Nymphs. Used to have the print on my bathroom wall.
    I too hope the job situation works out xx

  4. Hi ho Kim, getting really jealous of your out door finds you look so at home n that pool. thanks for shearing can’t wait see your new design work also I’ve already written William Tillyer date in my Dairy. X

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