Silk and Violets


Another equinox, another year turning into Autumn and it’s 5 years since I started writing this blog. Posts are few and far between these days but it’s like keeping in touch with old friends…I think about it all the time but life seems to be on fast forward and the day to day gets in the way of finding a quiet moment to write and reflect. Today has been hectic from start to finish but unexpectedly I find myself alone in the kitchen with Guy Garvey on the radio and a mug of coffee drunk much too late in the day.


The woodshed is stacked to the rafters with logs, the freezer creaking with beans and the shelves full of jam. I’m feeling an intense urge to build my winter nest and retreat to it with a pile of books, projects new and half finished. I’m ashamed to say I failed to complete my last commission on time due to “circumstances beyond my control” ( it’s nearly done though ) but the sale of one of my bigger framed pieces at the gallery and a request for greetings card images from an agent has given me a little hope that maybe, just maybe I should give a little more time to my own work.

….pauses to dance around the kitchen to “I’m the King of the Swingers”….


So today has been my lovely Mummy’s birthday which gave me the excuse to make a very pretty cake with violet cream icing. It also meant I got  a sneak preview of the gorgeous silk scarves that she is hand finishing, made for the William Tillyer retrospective at Mima next month


They will be a very limited edition (only 15 of each design ) and I’m getting really excited about it all. This Saturday ( the 28th) sees the opening of his “Haven” exhibition at the North York Moors “Inspired by” Gallery and also a 75th birthday celebration.                                                                                                              Meanwhile the Autumn sun makes rainbows on the peeling plaster walls of the kitchen here on the mountain and it’s almost time to make a pot of chamomile tea to counteract the caffeine.


I don’t want to go to bed, I want to sew and draw and listen to music and harvest more beans but tomorrow threatens to arrive all too soon and I may need my wits about me. Then again, I may leave my wits at home and who knows….perhaps I’ll write a story about this person I met last week…he looks like he has a story.


Listening to :-  “Willow’s Song” Paul Giovanni


2 responses to “Silk and Violets

  1. I think he’s saying “Sorry? Guess what number is written on my forehead? Can you give me a clue please?

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