The Silver Bear & A Heart of Gold


Winter sunlight is sparkling through the glass and crystal on the windowsill,  shedding rainbows around the kitchen, where I sit pondering my next move in the game of life. It’s Thursday and I feel elated … terror may soon kick in once the adrenaline rush of making rash decisions subsides. I have left the gallery and I’m either heading out of the dark woods or in to them! Either brave or stupid.


Last weekend I took some time to escape the North and head “home” to London where I resisted the urge to visit old haunts and explored places I’d never been before. My parents lived in Notting Hill before I was born, before it was famous and hip, the vintage postcards I used in some of my work came from the market on Portabello Road in the 1960’s  but for some reason I’d never been, preferring the well worn route to Camden and Brick Lane. I had such a good time, though the rain made my fur (fake) coat drip like a wet bear and I was poked in the eye at least 5 times by badly driven umbrellas. Sheltering from the deluge in The Cloth Shop I wanted to take everything home and make treasure or just enjoy the colours and textures. In the end I bought a meter of deep red, sari silk edging and left with directions to “the best coffee in West London” ( The Coffee Plant) . Oh the bliss of  good coffee, visual feasts and time to think.

I saw many bears on my travels , including those in the windows of Peter Jones and the polar bear rug in Anthropologie ( save me from temptation now that I am poor again!)

And now the story to inspire and encourage, to give you hope in a dark hour. I  stood at the till serving customers in the cafe when Lauren brought in the post… a catalogue for catering equipment, a wholesale credit note and a small brown box with a line of floral washi tape. A sample of coffee perhaps? Opening the parcel I discovered that some people have a generosity of spirit and kind thoughtfulness that I do believe is the essence of what makes life worth living.       Charlotte Bezzant makes the most beautiful jewellery and the stories behind each piece, such as the cast silver twig brought back from the Arctic, make them even more special. Her note said, ” I read your blog and hope this will brighten your day, it won’t always be scones” ; I felt a lump in my throat and suddenly the world seemed a better place. The twist being that Charlotte, who I’ve never met, was having  a tough time herself and yet took the time to make such a kind gesture to a stranger. Thank you Charlotte, not only a talented artist but a beautiful person. Thank you also to all of you out there who have supported this mixed up, passionate, confrontational, idealist over the years … it’s going to snow soon and it’s good to know you’re there.


Now it is time for coffee, a small comforting ritual before reality bites and I begin my search for a new way to make a living!


This week a small selection of my cards will be for sale at the Joe Cornish Gallery with all proceeds going to ShelterBox‘s Appeal to help victims of the disaster in the Philippines. If I thought I could help I’d be there now.


Reading:- “Landlocked- In pursuit of the wild” by Richard Mabey



6 responses to “The Silver Bear & A Heart of Gold

  1. Wishing you all the luck in the world Kim and you so deserve it! On another tack, we were recently up in Keswick. “Temporary Measure” I hear you cry! And yes, I bought not one, but two of the cards with you as a wee bairn which they’d had printed. Which reminds me, I must send one to my Mum who is also a great fan of yours. What a beautiful gesture from Charlotte Bezzant and it bought a tear to my eye.

  2. Your leaving the gallery came as no real surprise….you have flagged this for a while……I can only see good come of this move.

    Thanks for the glimpses of London…..I have a number of young friends who have been living and working in London for years and it was only reading your blog that I began to see the attraction.
    Love the silver bear………can’t wait to hear what you do next.

  3. What a total gem that Charlotte is! WIshing you all the very very best. Belinda

  4. Open your wings and fly. X

  5. Good luck!
    We LOVE The Cloth Shop… and Richard Maybey too.x

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