Winter Light


This evening I went for a shuffle through the woods in the fading light, collecting pine cones and moss and scuffling through the soft piles of leaves which are still deep and crunchy. These are things we never seem to grow out of, like the slight rising fear of the dark path through the trees and the howling wind in creaking branches. There were big storms here last week and a beautiful beech tree had fallen, taking two others with it, such a sad thing to see. Well so far it has hardly felt wintery at all and it’s hard to get in a festive mood with such bright, sparkling days.


I still haven’t come up with a plan to make my fortune yet but a few small Etsy sales and one in the gallery have made me feel slightly more cheerful…it’s also taken me this long to sort out the general admin of my life…tax return done, oil tank filled, bedroom tidied and various bills paid. My walk to the post box is probably one of the nicest in the world, especially if it’s to post an Etsy order.


Meanwhile I’ve been trying to remember some of the things I learnt at college, I even dug out my old files and had a go at making a repeat pattern, never my strongest point- needless to say it didn’t match up and drove me insane so I just ended up coloring it in and resorted to torturing my printer by feeding fabric through it instead.


All this was because I got hooked on Spoonflower‘s website and wanted to do lots of digital printing. I’ve ordered two small pieces, one is the bear cub and the other a pair of owls, just big enough to make cushions I hope. I can’t wait for them to arrive, and to make some more designs. The small sample below is nearly finished and will be a framed piece to sell on Etsy.



And so another Sunday is drawing to a close, last Sunday we went to Mima and I finally saw the watercolour exhibition. It was lovely to see the gallery so full and so many people taking a real interest in the work… a child was lying on the floor pretending to swim because he said the piece reminded him of the sea! I bought a brooch which felt funny but I did get a 10% ” daughter’s discount” and hopefully the t-shirts will be in the shop by now so I can be totally Tillyer themed!


Now I must drink chai and plan some kind routine for the coming week.

Reading :- ” The Buddah of Suburbia” Hanif Kureishi    Listening To:- 6Music tribute to Nelson Mandela


2 responses to “Winter Light

  1. So impressed the tax return is done, and look forward to seeing your spoonflower fabric all made into cushions. x

  2. Loved the repeat pattern!

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