Last Day of the Year 2013


Dear neglected readers of Witchmountain, this New Year’s Eve finds me sitting by the stove with my feet on the table reflecting on the passing of the year and what the future may hold. I’m also drinking  strong, freshly ground coffee in an Anthropologie mug with a slab of home made stollen and a wedge of Stilton…telling you this makes me ponder the impression we give to others of our lives, through heavily self censored social media, blogging and everything. It is possible to become totally hung up on how fun packed and perfect everyone else’s lives appear to be because no one shares the grimmer, less photogenic bits. Still, writing this blog I can present my life on Witchmountain as I would wish it to be and how I hope it would seem if you called round for coffee – you’re welcome any time ( turn a blind eye to the muddy drive, the dusty floor and un-plastered wall, the rising fears about paying the bills and the sometimes crippling discontent and look instead at the view of rain soaked hills, an arrangement of branches on the table ready to be drawn, reflected rainbows from the window crystals or the new chickens tidying up what the blue tits drop from their feeder).


It was an even quieter than normal Christmas this year, with my small family at different ends of the country for the first time. I spent the day with my “grown up” children flying kites, playing “once a year” board games and keeping family traditions alive by setting fire to puddings, trying to get my son to eat sprouts and all that. Father Christmas did actually land on the roof on Christmas Eve, I heard him skid to a halt and slide a bit, perhaps too many whiskies? I’m sure it was him and nothing to do with the lumps of roof mortar I found on the grass in the morning.


And so tomorrow will be 2014 and it will be over 5 years since I graduated and 2 months since I left the gallery. I’m currently in agonies of indecision and turmoil as, predictably, the perfect job cannot be found in time (either the wrong job nearby or the perfect job too far away) and the luxury of time and savings to invest in my own work are just a dream still. I live in hope though.


After a lovely few days in the Lakes this week it was good to get back with a bag of new brushes, ink and pens from the Heaton Cooper Gallery shop and to find a parcel from Spoonflower waiting in the shed. I love the fabric and roll of wrapping paper that I had printed by them and my frustration is only that I know I should be out earning a wage not drawing owls and bears…unless … unless…


Anyway, it is time to fetch more logs and cook something delicious for a new Year’s Eve treat. I hope you all have the very best 2014, thank you for reading and commenting and generally being so wonderful and kind and supportive. Don’t forget, if you’re in the North I still have a small selection of work at the Joe Cornish Gallery , along with Jane Thorniley-Walker; our space is upstairs and we’d love you to visit!


Finally here is my Witchmountain New Year’s Honours List, just some of the wonderful people who have made 2013 for me… Charlotte Bezzant, Hunt and Gather Design ( Moira), Jenny Pepper, Mima , Peter Leeming and Ruth Fairbrother and “Rockyhud” and Mr Voakes! Thank you all and so many more.

Happy New Year and much love. x

Reading: “The Tiger’s Wife” Téa Obreht   Listening To : “Vespertine” Bjork


12 responses to “Last Day of the Year 2013

  1. I shall raise a glass to us arty types tonight, and wish us all a fulfilling and successful 2014, what ever that may mean to each of us. Hope the wind blows the rain away, the skies become clear, and creativity flows. All my best wishes for the new year and everything it holds in store. xx

  2. Rockyhud aka Richard and Alyson

    Wishing you all the best for 2014 and hoping that the work situation improves for you. Nice, beautifully drawn wolf though he is, we would rather not see him sitting at your door!
    Alyson and Richard

  3. Wishing you a very happy 2014. Hope there are lots of exciting creative opportunities around the corner for you. I didn’t realise that your work is on display upstairs in the gallery, I’ll go and take a look next time I’m over that way.xx

  4. Happy New Year Kim and all the best that you so deserve for 2014 as you’ve given so much of your talent for us to enjoy!

  5. Thank you to you too Kim, wishing you a Healthy,Happy and Creative 2014. Hopefully we can share “Cake and Coffee” soon Jx

  6. here’s to brighter horizons…in every way!…and a happy, healthy, harmonious and prosperous 2014

  7. Wishing you the best for 2014 and also hoping for some paid work here in the land of Oz. Loving your wolf and hope he’s far from your door soon xx

  8. Love your work featured in this post. All we can do is to send you good wishes and postive thoughts and wish you the best for 2014.

  9. I’ve just rediscovered your blog after a virtual meet up on twitter, great to see you are still blogging and lovely to catch up on missed blog posts! I’m definitely going to make the effort to get to YSP to see that exhibition too. Ooh and I love Heatin Cooper – they make the best square sketchbooks!

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