Fox in the Chicken House


Happy New Year to you all from Witchmountain.


2014 is not yet a week old; the wheel of the year is creaking forward again with clunking gears and what sounds like the squeal of sticking brakes. Witchmountain has felt full and busy over the past few weeks and it seems like much longer than 2 months since I left the gallery. By living more slowly and simply- like Mr Tortoise- perhaps it is possible to slow down time? I find myself wishing for a simpler life that is more in tune with the landscape…sleeping more in Winter, growing food, collecting firewood, making things to sell but setting little store by money.

Well, tomorrow everyone returns to work, university or reality and the decorations will be carefully wrapped in tissue for another year. The cobwebs have been well and truly blown away by some beautiful days out on the hills and the kitchen currently looks like a lino print production line.


Sara and I have been experimenting with lino printing as part of her latest project at UWE where she’s studying Illustration. I spent ages carving a very detailed bear which failed to print properly and almost put me off the whole process. We spent ages trying to work out the stages Angie Lewin uses to print her gorgeous multi-layered images and got our brains in a twist. I always seem to cut out the wrong bit and I think you have to be able to think back to front…the kind of people who can do cryptic crosswords probably find printing easy! Anyway, we decided that bold, simple designs work best and I forced myself to keep this strange Superhero Fox as simple as I could. ( Actually maybe he’s a Robber Fox not a superhero…)


I’m going to make a big effort to get to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park this month so that I can see Angie Lewin’s exhibition there, hopefully it will inspire me rather than intimidate!


And so it is time to put the kettle on and watch the new members of staff out of the kitchen window. A cockerel and his two lady friends have come to live at Witchmountain, they try their best to wake us up early in the mornings but we are night owls here and like to print foxes late into the ungodly hours, sorry chickens.


We’re hoping for some fluffy yellow chicks for Spring. Fingers crossed….

Oh, I forgot to mention, one of my designs is now for sale on Spoonflower…what do you think?


4 responses to “Fox in the Chicken House

  1. Hi Kim … gorgeous photos … you creativity is always an inspiration! I had the same sentiment …living more slowly and simply . . last year went wayyyy to fast! All the best to you & yours in this new crisp year!

  2. I really like that Mr Fox, and I’m being non-judgmental about his intentions!
    Welcome to the chickens.
    Hope the New Year holds what you want xoxo

  3. That last photograph is so beautiful, hope the. Chickens settle into 2014 nicely! The fox is very handsome, great print!

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