For Love or Money


I thought I would share with you the first signs of Spring on my windowsill this week. This probably seems overly optimistic to those of you in the USA and Canada, trapped in a polar vortex and worried about your eyeballs freezing. Would it be silly to wish for a little of that weather to head over here… I do feel that it’s important for me to have at least a week of snowed-in-ness every year? As I write I am defrosting the fridge and preparing a box of earth for Mr Tortoise to hibernate in. It feels like I’m burying him alive but apparently they need this time in the cold to sleep and think and I guess I’m a bit the same. A bit of crispy winter with bright snow light and the illusion of wedding cake perfection instead of dark greyness and mud.


I ran a little competition on my Facebook page last week to try and promote the fabric I made on Spoonflower. For the first time I actually paid ( the minimum amount) to promote the post and it did make a slight difference to the number of people who saw it…or so Facebook tell me. Anyway, I’m please top say that the winner was Anna-Karin Lilleengen, a photographer whose work is rather special. She also tells me she has lived in a little red house in Sweden with a “Moomin Stove” so I’m pretty jealous and wishing I could go back to the beautiful place we stayed in when I was small; the forests were full of fly agaric mushrooms and chanterelle and we swam in sandy bottomed lakes, getting milk from the farm and searching for kittens in the hay stack ( actually a harsh introduction to the realities of rural life as apparently they were later drowned- we’d been tricked!) . Everything tasted of cardamom and I was obsessed with a wooden hobby horse that lived in the barn and narrowly avoided eating horse meat sausage in the deli! So, thank you to everyone who took part and to evey one who went and had a look at the fabric/paper on my Spoonflower page. I would love to see someone make something out of a fabric I’ve designed…


This is just a short post because I have to get my celebratory chocolate cake out of the oven and then go to Carlton to see if I can still climb a little bit after all that Christmas pudding and specially strong Brandy sauce I accidentally had to eat  ! I’m celebrating because I’ve just been accepted on to an MA course at Newcastle University! It sounds so exciting and I’m really pleased but obviously funding is going to be a major problem and I need to start working on making some kind of income pretty damn quick! You may have noticed I’ve been re jigging some of the things on this blog and I’m planning to have another go at making it work for me in a more practical way, by offering to promote other people’s businesses and events…not in a  way that compromises the themes of Witchmountain but hopefully in a way that you’ll find interesting. I’d love to hear what you think and if you have a project, business or product you’d like to feature here then get do in touch. Have a look at the “Keeping the Wolf From the Door” page for some previous contributors.

Well, the scent of cake is filling the kitchen and already the sun is starting to go down. Keep warm where ever you are and thank you for reading.  x



4 responses to “For Love or Money

  1. A lovely read. Congratulations on being accepted on your MA course, something I’ve had a hankering to do. Love the fabric.
    I’m wishing it would snow here too, down in mild Sussex. I don’ feel I’ve had a proper winter if I haven’t seen the wonderful white sparkle and heard the deep muffled quiet of snow. Keep up the good work.

  2. Love reading your blog. Hope 2014 is kind to you and hope to see you before too long

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