As if yesterday’s news about the MA course wasn’t exciting enough I later got an e-mail with the proof of one of the cards I’ve been working on for Natural Partners Ltd. It makes such a difference to see your work put into production by somebody else, although I always struggle with the mug shots and blurb! The cards are part of a collection which will be in their new catalogue, along with the beautiful work of Andy Broderick, Peter Hicks and many other artists from the North East of England. They’ll be at Spring Fair ( stand 4J21) in February so fingers crossed that “the trade” put in big orders !

After all I have mouths to feed…well beaks…


I started doing the #100HappyDays challenge today and I must admit, watching the chickens with their over protective and hugely annoying cockerel exploring the garden is making me very happy and I’m spending way too much time looking out of the window. I’ve also been spring cleaning and revamping the blog so I hope you like the way it’s looking with the fancy new font and colours?

Something else that makes me happy is eating butter on homemade bread fresh from the oven… who says January is the month for diets and exercise regimes? We need all the warmth and comfort we can get.


Well, I need comforting because I just put the tortoise in the fridge and I feel like a monster! Will I hear him scrabbling at the door and begging to be let out? Maybe just one more slice then…

Reading:  “The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly”  Sun-mi Hwang       Listening To:  Gardener’s Question Time on Radio 4!


One response to “Hygge

  1. Good luck with the card, it looks lovely and so does your pic. Love the look of your home made bread but admit to being a bit worried for your tortoise, will he really be happy in there?

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