“to travel hopefully is a better thing…”


It still doesn’t feel like winter, in fact I’ve been doing so much gardening that it’s felt, at times, more like spring. It’s muddy though and everything is dripping wet, soggy and saturated; moss growing on everything that doesn’t move fast enough. The ponies like to stand in the field looking depressed and neglected for the benefit of passers by who can’t see the cozy sawdust filled stable. Meanwhile the chickens are obsessed with their own reflections in the mirror and I’m obsessed with making repeat patterns after receiving my copy of “A Field Guide to Fabric Design” by Kim Kight.


I’m so inspired but also so annoyed that I’ve learnt more after a quick browse through this book than I did in 4 years doing a Textile Design degree! If only I’d known some of the Photoshop tools and shortcuts sooner I would be miles ahead of myself by now. Don’t get me wrong, I loved CCAD but left woefully unprepared for the commercial world of surface design. Anyway, these are just some basic repeats I’ve been playing with … the next page is about half drop repeats but I’ve got a very out of date version of Photoshop/Illustrator so I’ll have to improvise (this design was made from a tiny, scribbly doodle I did while listening to a talk at an Art Connections event).


It’s been an odd week here on Witchmountain as I am constantly wracked with guilt every time I open the fridge. No, I’m not on a diet. Cramming a still awake tortoise into an earth filled box in the salad drawer, after starving him for weeks, seems likely to have me up in court for animal cruelty if not insanity but I’m assured by The Tortoise Shop that this is how it’s done. He’s due out on the 31st so please keep your fingers crossed that he thaws out properly and doesn’t hold it against me.I’ve made a pattern in his honour…


…and here it is in repeat in a more subtle colour way. If I’m not careful I’ll be spending my rent on Spoonflower and living on broth. Before my designs can be sold on Spoonflower they need to be “proofed” which means I need to buy some myself, that’s why some of these are in the design gallery but not for sale.


As well as all this I’ve been catching up with some blogs I haven’t read for ages, scouring the Art Jobs pages and knitting owls. Knitting owls is a good way to use up a whole day and have a lovely knitted thing at the end of it…however the guilt caused by sitting by the stove knitting like Granny Goggins  instead of doing “proper work” is a bit difficult. Talking of guilt, this “Chai Syrup Crunchie Cake” seems to have disappeared very quickly …


Now it’s time to start thinking about an event Jane and I have planned for next month; we’re hoping to have a pop up gallery at the village pub and revamp our space at the gallery. I’d better get some work done…oh and it’s broth for supper!




4 responses to ““to travel hopefully is a better thing…”

  1. my friend runs this http://www.tortoiseclub.org/ they are very good if you need any advice xxxx ps love the new patterns xxxx

  2. I love like the tortoise on orange print – beautifully subtle liberty type print – didn’t realise it was Mr Tortoise until I out my glasses on !

  3. Oh the tortoise…..I wish you hadn’t mentioned him! But I would have thought about him chillin in the fridge soon as I saw the prints (which I love) along with that cake…yum! It will be Spring soon enough and you’ll be able to get out in the garden!!

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