Waldeinsamkeit : The feeling of being alone in the woods


The hills are brown velvet and dirty lace, with their dusting of half hearted snow melting fast and adding to the frothy beer coloured streams and puddles. I don’t think it is possible for things to be any wetter. Everything is either green, grey or brown as if somebody has applied some new Instagram filter to the view. I’ve been looking after my neighbour’s farm this weekend and as I walked back after skating around in 50 shades of mud for an hour I thought what a shock to my eyes it would be if I were suddenly transported to somewhere hot and bright and vibrant…Mexico maybe.


Last week I treated myself to books. One was full of photographs of owls and the other was “Sculptor’s Daughter” by Tove Jansson which is wonderful. In one chapter she describes the correct way to draw forests and mentions John Bauer who is probably one of my very favourite artists…I knew exactly which pictures she was describing and when I couldn’t sleep last night I spent an hour or two reading about him and looking at the mossy stones and dark woods filled with bears and trolls and tiny golden haired princesses. It’s easier to live in a world of make believe because in the real one logs piles run low and phone companies mess you about and cars break down and cost so much to fix that it doesn’t even matter if you spent all your money on books because that was just a drop in the ocean anyway.


I’ve been doing lots of drawing and pattern making and getting excited that Spring Fair is next week and the fact that my cards are going to be there as part of “Natural Partners” collection makes me feel like a “real” artist. It would be fantastic if some shops chose to stock them. (If you happen to be a buyer for  Anthropologie or Paperchase or a gorgeous independent gallery shop then the stand number is 4J21!)


Well, I am itching to get some more designs on Spoonflower so I’m going to throw another log on the stove, get some coffee ground and draw some more owls. I think a cake needs to be baked too; January is definitely a time for indulging and lying low until the first bright colours arrive.


Listening to: ” Sunset “Kate Bush Reading: “Sculptor’s Daughter” Tove Jansson

5 responses to “Waldeinsamkeit : The feeling of being alone in the woods

  1. Wonderful post and beautiful designs. I am just sorry I am not a buyer for Anthopologie or Paperchase ect! especially love your horse design but all are really lovely~ I just know your stuff is highly marketable. I unfortunately know very little about the business side of things~ getting your stuff seen by the right person. I have been subscribed to your blog for a little while now and so enjoy your posts~ Envy you your beautiful wild location and am sure that at least must be very inspirational as regards your work. I love John Bauer too! Best of luck with your work. p.s. also love your photos of your surroundings in Yorkshire as well.

  2. Lovely sketches…….I always love your art.

    Mr Bear looks like he’s venturing out after a long wet cold winter……into a soft warm Spring.

  3. Sorry I did not see your comment to mine till now! Yes, I have seen the Bauer picture you mentioned and think it is lovely ~ but then, so much of his work is wondrous!

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