Red Horses and Black Dogs


When I was small and found out that I had been born in the Chinese Year of the Goat I was very cross because obviously I wanted to be a horse. Most of the time, in my head, I was a horse and still to this day have the tendency to break into a skittish canter when alone in the woods ( I hope I am alone in the woods, these things lose their charm when you’re 47 and I’m sure my neighbours already think I’m a bit odd). Anyway,February 2014 is the beginning of the Year of the Horse…the wooden horse to be exact and I’m hoping it’s going to be kind to little old goats with delusions of grandeur.


The sun came out today for the first time in years and it was possible to see that one day soon there will be colour again and light. It is “Imbolc”, the waning of Winter and without consciously thinking about it I’ve spent today observing ancient rituals by spring cleaning, lighting candles and most excitingly, turning the eggs which are sitting in the incubator. I will keep you posted on their progress!


The post finally brought something other than bills and I was so pleased with my first sample of silk from Spoonflower. I’m going to have to learn to make clothes because I’d love a silk dress made of this design. I also got a sample of cotton drill with my bear design on it which I’m going to make into a little bag or a purse or something. I can’t wait for the other samples to arrive. One day it would be lovely to see a project someone else had made using my designs…


This weekend has been very exciting for lots of other reasons apart from eggs. Yesterday my brother, York, had a photograph and a small piece of writing published in the Guardian … I’m enormously proud and jealous all at the same time, I think I may have to frame it for my newly painted wall! Meanwhile my small achievement has just been relayed to me by the miracle of social media…apparently someone has been to the stand ( Stand 4J21 in case you forgot) at Spring Fair and placed an order for my cards!!! Wow, this is good news because I have to admit I was really in need of a confidence boost to scare away the looming black dog (and the 15p royalty will surely help eventually!).

This design has some bits to sort out but I’ve just sent off for a sample from the English version of Spoonflower ,Woven Monkey to see how they compare. What do you think?


Now it is time for me to tackle another wall and hope that February keeps getting better; though I still wish it would snow! Oh, I almost forgot…Mr Tortoise  has emerged from the fridge and he is fine, phew!

Reading: ” Let’s Explore Diabetes With Owls” David Sedaris                  Listening To: “Isobel” Björk


5 responses to “Red Horses and Black Dogs

  1. I’m loving your samples of fabric. I thought a little waistcoat and a very big full skirt…….Glad Mr Tortoise is ok!

  2. i am also loving the fabrics kim,
    also i thought we were badly tought how to do photoshop at CCAD

  3. Your way with words always makes me smile. When I was little I didn’t have an invisible friend but I had invisible horses and used to choose one to ride round to my friend’s house on. I’ll join you for a canter in the woods one day! Your designs would make beautiful dresses or silk scarves. Excited to see how the Woven Monkey fabrics turn out.
    K x
    PS I’m very relieved about the tortoise!

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