Real Life


I’m typing very quietly to avoid waking the kitchen full of sleeping baby animals. It is the most peaceful it’s been all day, even the wind has given up trying to get in under the doors and down the chimney.Yes, my world has been invaded and I’d almost forgotten how exhausting it is caring for small things. These two pictures were both taken before 8am which, if you knew me in real life, would seem very unlikely.


The weekend began with the miracle of birth; when the egg Jake and I have been carefully turning and keeping warm for the past 21 days started to crack. Within two hours the little monster appeared like a soggy Pokémon and it was so sudden I jumped; as flighty as a mother hen… how it ever fitted in that tiny egg I can’t imagine! It’s a shame that Jake had to go out so he wasn’t here to see it, but due to the joys of technology and hours of sorting out a YouTube channel with snail-speed internet, I can share the moment with you…

So the little creature is now just over two days old ( it’s the Truman Show for chickens) and has fluffed out nicely in its homemade brooder (a wine box with a spotlight bulb). Stricken with the urge to anthropomorphize cute baby animals, but mainly due to the fact that the other egg isn’t meant to hartch until the 19th, we made it a surrogate mum out of a large pompom and attached some tail feathers from “daddy” (see previous post). Several chickeny forums also recommended a mirror and so far these comfort items seem to be doing the trick as it seems pretty contented, singing little songs and doing all those things they do ( eating ,drinking , preening and pooing) as well as some nifty yoga stretches. It will have to toughen up quick though, I don’t want an emotionally needy bantam shadowing my every move…


In between all the animal excitement I have been sewing some things with my Spoonflower fabrics and thinking again about the possibility of making some kind of small business premises in the outbuilding. Would people come? How much would it cost to do up the building and can I raise that amount by selling chicks and the occasional cushion?!


I’m tempted to stay up for hours longer as there is so much to do and think about, there are last minute plans to be made for a pop up exhibition at the Golden Lion , Osmotherley next week (and I accidentally drank coffee at 10pm) but it is time for a last quick walk in the hope that Lola sleeps late tomorrow morning!


Reading:- A Moomin cartoon story collection  Listening To:- Gay Pirates by Cosmo Jarvis on 6Music (annoyingly catchy!) and the gentle peeping of chick.

4 responses to “Real Life

  1. Your cushions are gorgeous. Hope you resolve the dilemma about the shop. Sometimes you’ve got tofollow your dream. Have a great week
    Jacqui x

    • Thanks Jacqui, I’ve been doing “market research” today accosting walkers and asking if they would come to my tea shed/gallery if I opened one. They all seemed really keen… personally I can only be tempted into a big walk if I know there is cake involved somewhere.x

  2. I will come and have tea and cake, and buy some chicks x

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