The View From Here


I have been spending a lot of time in the woods; the borrowed dog forcing me to spend more time out doors than I normally would in dismal damp February. The birch trees are decorated with acid yellow/green tassels, bright against the browns and greys; it won’t be long now. Already the days are longer, and it’s getting harder to tell what time it is by the light. I heard a woodpecker the other day and down by the river a heron flew lazily overhead looking prehistoric.

Both eggs are now successfully hatched and they have become “friends”. The first chick is now just over a week old; huge (relatively), with real feathers and a bad attitude, so we were a bit worried it would murder its younger sibling. They squabble a bit about who gets the best position under the PomPom Mother but generally it seems to have worked out ok. Here is Chick2 looking a bit unimpressed by the colour of the tile grouting on the windowsill…4 more eggs went in the incubator today so my Chicken Empire is beginning to take shape!


Meanwhile, back in the “studio” I have been trying to get sorted out for the “Pop Up in The Pub” event which Jane and I are organizing…


“Pop Up in The Pub”  @The Golden Lion, OSmotherley.  For One week only, from Friday February 28th. 

Christie, the landlord, has very kindly allowed us to take over part of the ground floor to showcase a small selection of work and we’re hoping to have a meet the artists session at some point during the week (details to be announced).I worked in the The Golden Lion for many, many, many years so I can recommend the chips very highly…it would be lovely to see a few people there (and if no one comes…well at least we can drown our sorrows at the bar!).


I plucked up the courage to cut my precious fabric last week, when I made a Kindle cover for my lovely daughter’s birthday. I’m quite pleased with the result and lots of people have been very complimentary and even ordered one for themselves… however it brings me up against the thorny issue of pricing again…and the fact that I would say I was a designer rather than a maker. It was really interesting to meet up with Nicola Taylor and Kimberli Werner to talk about these things yesterday. We all work in very different areas but face many of the same problems so I felt as though I learned a lot and came home feeling encouraged and inspired. One thing we agreed on was that it is hard to be both designer and maker when aiming for a wholesale market. I know my work must either be priced much higher in order to make it profitable or the actual making of the product needs to be done cheaply elsewhere; I guess its deciding whether I want to be Liberty or Primark. At the moment I have shed loads of time rather than money to invest so it looks like I’ll be following in my Grandma Jackson’s footsteps for a while and slaving over a hot sewing machine!


So, it’s time to find some tunes on the radio and maybe have another biscuit or two before threading some needles and getting on with it. The puppy is snoring by the stove, worn to a frazzle after her day of silliness…oh to have the energy and lust for life that a small brown puppy has.


Reading:-  “Dear Life” Alice Monroe   Listening To:- “New York Morning” Elbow Vote for Kimberli Werner “The Red Corvid” in the Draft and Design Awards here

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