Sunshine and Ice


The house has been quiet without borrowed puppy but it has been nice to be able to sleep late and leave the door open without danger to the poor chickens’ tails! March arrived with sunshine and light and and an impossible to resist call to go into the garden and get things sorted. Is it Spring yet? The plants are waking up and the birdsong is deafening but the thick disc of ice we fished out of the old “copper” trough is a warning to heed the old saying “In like a lamb out like a lion” ( I think this is a slight corruption but I did enjoy this one “When windows won’t open, and the salt clogs the shaker, The weather will favour the umbrella maker!” )


Still, the garden saved my life this week. Nothing beats getting carried away, spring cleaning outdoors for lifting the spirits and, at least temporarily, banishing worries about money and work. The chicks had their first taste of fresh air too; now sporting fluffy tails like dandelion clocks and yes, the curlews have returned.


Last week seemed a bit hectic with preparations for the pop-up gallery in the Golden Lion and an interview for a job in an arts centre where I was asked to do a presentation. Combine this with a cough that made me sound like a Victorian poet dying of consumption and by Friday all I wanted to do was hide under a blanket and listen to murder mysteries. As it turns out the exhibition has been quite a success with a few sales and lots of kind admiration…it feels good to be exhibiting my work in the place where I was a barmaid for 10,000 years and the landlord has certainly been supportive and welcoming. Sadly the art centre “loved me” but didn’t want me, however, I really enjoyed my visit, it was good to test my presentation skills (I had thought of doing a puppet show to calm my nerves… communication is often easier if you can do it through puppets, but I struggle with maturity as it is)  and now I know it’s there I’ll be trying to get to some of their events, nice to have some culture nearby.


And so it is March again and small pieces of work are slowly coming together even as the year rushes by too fast. Motivation and confidence are the hardest things and I often find myself full of admiration mixed with a hint of misplaced jealously when I look at what others are doing. Truth is, we all struggle with confidence and balance and frustration. Heavily edited excerpts of our lives on blogs and social media tend to miss out the unsightly bits but I’m pretty sure there are millions of people out there who have had the guts to share something they’ve created and put a bit of soul in to, only to have some idiot say it’s too expensive or they’ve seen better, or to be wracked with self doubt. So this post is dedicated to all those artists, craftspeople, poets, writers and oddballs, sitting up late with the shipping forecast or drinking coffee after hours to finish a commission. The world would be a dull old place without Art in all it’s disguises.


Good grief, that was a bit of a sermon! Here are some images of my cards at Spring Fair , they make me feel hopeful. They were taken by a college friend who went to visit the stand. She lives in Cornwall now and runs Zamsoe , making jewellery and handmade cards. Thank you Karen x

IMG_0274So for some reason, mostly the intermittent internet, this has taken me ages to write and it feels a bit cobbled together, so I apologise. But you see, there’s a Chocolate Kalua cake sitting on the side, next to a bowl of vanilla icing and I promised myself I wouldn’t ice it till this was written! Oh that reminds me, apparently my photo of a cup of coffee has been featured in Oh Comely magazine as part of their “Teacup Rainbow” feature…my name in print at last, fame for my coffee…oh the irony! Bye now…  mmmmmmmm

Reading:- “The Shock of the Fall” by Nathan Filer Listening To:- Birds


2 responses to “Sunshine and Ice

  1. I’ve heard the curlew too. it must be Spring. Great post…. I am one of those oddballs who listen to Radio 4, drinking coffee and sewing. You are right we should celebrate art in all it’s forms.

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