Faithless the Cockerel and Festival Fever


The spring sunshine has given me a massive energy boost which means I have been doing too many things at once and forgetting that I should be trying to make a living. The whole garden is now dug over and ready for another attempt at producing food for free…well, the price of a packet of seeds. My back is aching but it has been wonderful to spend days outside, coming in with a dirty face and moss in my hair (visitors are so polite and I usually only notice the earthy moustache when I look at the mad woman in the mirror at bathtime). Being outside has also given me the chance to observe the strange goings on in the bantam family and I have to confess I was more upset than I should have been to see the cockerel flirting with the neighbours and eventually disappearing one night; faithless creature. His two girlfriends went to bed alone, muttering and sobbing a little, while I had to march down the road in  search of the heartless philanderer. In my neighbour’s hen hut I found him, cuddled up like Pimp Daddy, with the Amazonian, Rhode Island Reds and looking smug (but silly as he is half their size). Pah! I gave him a good talking to and trudged back home with him under my arm wondering yet again what my down to earth Yorkshire neighbours make of me.


Last week, after joking about the good old days of selling painted tins on a blanket at Glastonbury, I decided it might not be such a bad idea to have another go at the festival thing. Willowman Festival in a nearby village,is organised by an old friend and has been going from strength to strength so I have taken a stall for the weekend, along with friends and family so we can hopefully combine a bit of wild, embarrassing dancing with selling our wares. It’s certainly motivated me to make some different things, including this screen printed and dip dyed bunting. I’m also making head dresses and painted boxes  and enjoying using up lots of left over dyes, fabrics and odd bits and pieces. I think a trip to CCAD’s print club will be needed soon.


This week also brought two exciting bits of news…the first is that I will be blogging for this year’s Festival of Thrift in Darlington in September. I’m hoping to include some tutorials and tips on frugal living(!) although I may be living in the car by September if I don’t find some part time work soon! The second reason to be excited is that I have been getting a really good response to the card designs produced by Natural Partners Ltd. A gallery in York (The Blossom Street Gallery)  is interested in showing some framed pieces as they are stocking my cards and there will soon be a distributor in Australia apparently! Reasons to be cheerful parts 1,2 and …. hopefully 3 will be along soon.


Meanwhile I’m making plant pots out of last weekend’s paper and hoping for a bumper crop of everything. Three eggs are struggling to hatch as I write and it’s time to stoke up the stove and get on with some work. There are commissions to finish and feathery hats to be made.


Reading:- “The North Child” Edith Pattou ( spotted on the school bookshelf while in a yoga class!) Listening to:- Howling wind, peeping chicks trapped in eggs and Bjork “Cover Me”


3 responses to “Faithless the Cockerel and Festival Fever

  1. Valkrye Brumby

    Hello, Just wanted to let you know I attepmted to leave a comment on your blog but every time I tried to enter it it said invalid email , which I know is not correct~ anyway I just wanted to say..Absolutely love the gorgeous rose coloured head dress. Think these should sell like hot cakes! Good luck and lots of fun at the festival.(loved the tale of the philandering cockerel too) Thanks. Valkrye

  2. The bunting is absolutely lovely. Our Yorkshire neighbours think we’re a bit strange too!

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