The Wide Blue Yonder


Last week saw me feeling small in a big landscape, carrying my faithful Millican bag and eating a lot of chocolate (you have an excuse when it’s Easter and you need to keep your strength up). Visiting the The Lake District on Easter bank holiday weekend may seem crazy unless you like traffic jams but it was amazing to walk away from the crowds into the mountains and feel a real sense of solitude and remoteness. There was even a slight sense of panic as we reached our camping spot and I looked back at the way we’d come, to see quite how far I’d have to walk back the next day! Waking up to a bowl of porridge in the wilderness on a sunny morning is pretty unbeatable.


Easter Sunday didn’t involve chicks and eggs or bunnies in any way; instead I was treated to nearly 3,000′ of almost vertical rock ( a path apparently!) which made my legs itchy with fear and my head dizzy, followed by reaching the summit of Grasmoor bent double against the wind while my oversized “outdoor gear” inflated like a balloon and threatened to throw me back down. We looked down on Buzzards and ate a lot more chocolate and it was beautiful


Days of sunshine have meant some lovely results with cyanotype printing and the garden is full of bees, new shoots and over excited chicks who race about like little girls in tutus. And it is little girls mostly … because the naughty, unfaithful cockerel disappeared while I was out one night. The circumstances are highly suspicious… there are no foxes here ( too many gamekeepers), no body has been found and he is not with my neighbour’s hens. Ah well, he has only himself to blame for venturing out of the garden and imagining that the grass was greener …


Last week I finally got around to delivering some work to the lovely Lockton Tea Rooms and Gallery.Last time we visited Janilaine and Kevin were frantically decorating and building so it was amazing to see the results of all their hard work. A little gem in the middle of the North York Moors and I’m proud to have my work there along with some other very talented artists and craftspeople.


So, another weekend is almost upon us and I’m way behind in my blog writing, festival stock preparing and gardening. I’m about to write a post for Festival of Thrift about the cheese I’ve been making but first I need to test it …maybe sitting in the greenhouse with a pot of tea! Festival of Thrift recently won a big award at the Journal Culture Awards in Newcastle so congratulations…I can’t wait for this year’s event. I’m also looking forward to visiting Rounton Coffee Roasters in their newly refurbished Granary next week so watch this space ..and if I go quiet, give me a kick, I’m probably just sleeping off all that chocolate! x

Reading:- “The Little Sister” Raymond Chandler Listening To:- “The Take Off and Landing of Everything” elbow



3 responses to “The Wide Blue Yonder

  1. This was a great post, full of energy and fun things……..loved that hike picture!
    The tearooms look so inviting and your artwork there would look terrific, would have loved to see it up……photo sometime?
    Still enjoying your blog and artworks.

  2. I’ve just discovered your blog, poking around on the web looking for other cyanotype folks, and am completely enchanted!

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