What Happened to May?


Well I’ve been lost down a rabbit hole again, or maybe underneath a tree, asleep like Rip Van Winkle. How is it June already?! How is it SIX years since I graduated from CCAD, and I’m still here in a kitchen full of ideas, waiting for it all to take off. Meanwhile another batch of hopefuls prepare their degree show, which opens this week . I recently invested my last pennies in a metre of cotton velvet, digitally printed at Glasgow School of Art’s Centre for Advanced Textiles. It’s pure luxury and I can’t wait to order more as soon as I can….my finances may not be the only problem though; it was awful to hear about the fire at the Art School last month and I did shed a tear for the poor students who had all their hard work destroyed, not to mention the beautiful Rennie Macintosh building. Anyway, to all students graduating this Summer I wish you the very best of luck.


May also saw me in a last minute panic as I prepared for Art in the Shed, the lovely event organised each year by Jane Thorniley-Walker to raise money for Street Child Africa. The weather was typical English Bank Holiday torrential rain most of the time but it was an amazing success. I felt more involved this year,  since I wasn’t having to go to work as well and it was so good to spend time chatting with old friends and feeling overwhealmed with gratitude for the new friends who made the time to come and visit.


We raised nearly £750 for the charity and I sold enough to pay a few bills so I feel happy and proud to have been part of it.


Now I have to restock ready for Willowman Festival later this month where I will be selling a slightly different range of pretty, hippy, festival things as well as dancing a lot and embarrassing my family. Then preparations for Art For Youth North. This is another charity event and a little daunting as some rather big names are taking part and it would be letting the side down if none of my work sold after being invited to take part.


So today is a day for sewing velvet cushions, tye-dyeing knickers and making plans for bees… here I am, looking like I know what I’m doing (ha!), on a recent day out with the local honey man Trevor Swales ( see previous posts about cold remedies!). This was only my first experience of the bees and it was wonderful but I’m still a little terrified and haven’t been stung for years ( famous last words) so no firm decisions have been made. I read the British Beekeepers Association‘s Facebook page and feel fascinated and daunted; there is so much to learn. I like to have my childhood hero Sherlock Holmes as my role model though and he kept bees in the end ….so that’ll be me with my pipe and 7% solution.



5 responses to “What Happened to May?

  1. Hi, another lovely post from you, this time because there are sales involved. That’s great and so is all the involvement you have in local fairs and festivals. I so love seeing your work, the bears in particular, which I just love so much. The velvet cushions look terrific and it’s really a thrill to see a wall covered in your work. Well done you. You with the bees…..you never cease to amaze. Here’s to more sales to keep the bills paid and here’s to you.

  2. Your work looks amazing. I am sure you will do well at all your events. You’re one busy lady!
    Jacqui x

  3. Such wonderful work! Those cushions are fantastic, I bet you have a great time making these projects! Hope June is a good one!

  4. Just catching up on blog posts since we have been away. The designs on the fabic is so wonderful! Michael (the other bit of TheBigForest)

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